Ace per head bookie software review

There’s an old saying that the best things in life are free that has never been more true. Aceperhead offers six weeks of free bookie service, no gimmicks, and no hidden fees. You get to work with a top paper head outfit and get the full version of their software at no cost. Your free trial offers 24×7 access to your software the sharpest lines in the industry and you get to select what sports you offer your players.

You have complete control of the wagering limits per sport and wager type, and the maximum wins per wager type, you get to set your own parlay and tease rules. All this comes with full-time 24×7 access to player reports, win-loss settle balances, etc. These services are backed by a superior infrastructure and redundancy with 99.9 uptime.

Now you might be saying come on, now this sounds too good to be true but how can a business offer this kind of service for free for this long? Well here’s how Aceperhead has been around longer than most and is the fastest-growing paper head in the market. Having grown into one of the largest in the industry they’re turning huge profits and can afford to give you the six-week free trial.

Now you might say oh I love the product but after six weeks they’re gonna stick me with some hidden fees that I can’t afford that’s not the case at all. Aceperhead believes that great service isn’t synonymous with expensive that’s why their services start as low as $10 per player which is the same as any other paper head, offering substandard services. The business model of the website is customer satisfaction their personalized suite of services satisfies the needs of all bookies regardless of the size of their business.

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