Alluxa Review – What are Alluxa Optical Filters & thin film coatings?

Alluxa was started in 2007. Alluxa is a company that does optical thin-film deposition, they do highly advance deposition. Alluxa uses machines that have been designed and built in Santa Rosa, California which makes them different from most optical deposition companies. Alluxa’s main aim was to create solutions for customers that push the boundaries on price performance and they also wanted to focus on custom optics.

Alluxa’s team is happy to work on one-offs and in OEM environments. They saw a need as Alluxa developed to provide technologies and solutions that weren’t being adequately served by the market. The team has grown, and now they have about 70 people on the team. They have about 20+ engineers on the team. They have tried to create a really diverse group of talented people and personalities at Alluxa. They have a group of people that really enjoy spending time together.

Alluxa continues to add capacity every year. At the moment Alluxa has 16 coating machines that are operational and another 3 are under development. They’ve also been able to expand in other ways like they added an optical shop and also added multiple types of processing equipment such as dicing saws and milling machines. They have a really strong emphasis on metrology. A significant fraction of both manpower and capital investment actually is in metrology tools and processes because they’re working at the edge of the technology. It’s really important to understand what Alluxa has made if it can’t measure.

They make some parts that no one else can make they’ve sole-sourcing a number of very important components for the customers. The ability to deliver these solutions to customers which they couldn’t get before is something they are extremely proud of. One thing that’s exciting about building and developing all your own machines is that you can see technology coming months or years in advance. Alluxa team are innovators, it’s a part of the culture. All the members really enjoy solving difficult problems whether that’s in terms of making our equipment work better or doing something that no one else’s equipment can do.

Or whether that’s figuring out a solution for a customer that no one else is willing to do or able to do. Alluxa’s employees take great care in the process all the way through to the final packing. All the team members have really worked hard to make Alluxa what it is today.