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Suggestion: Tips on how to promote your YouTube channel:

1. Choose Google-friendly keywords: A great YouTube channel starts with great SEO. And great SEO starts with understanding what users are searching for. It turns out, that people don’t just look for videos on YouTube; they use Google too. “YouTube” was the second most popular search term. Google now prioritizes video over other content for many searches. How to find a Google-friendly keyword for any video:i) Identify possible keywords with a tool like the Google Ads Keyword Planner.

ii) Use tools like SEMrush, ahrefs for advanced keyword researching.

2. Analysis of your competitor:

After finding a great keyword, now it’s time to search the keyword on YouTube and analysis your competitor. View the video of your competitor and show how they have made their video and then try to make a good video from your competitor.

3. Use concise, descriptive titles:

Use short and eye-catching titles and descriptions that will describe your video the best. A short description is good because nowadays people don’t like to read long paragraphs. They want to gain as much knowledge as possible in a short time.

4. Optimize your descriptions:

It is important to write short descriptions but it is also important to do proper SEO of the description. SEO helps your video to rank fast on Google and YouTube. For advanced SEO you can use SEMrush, ubersuggest, or ahrefs.

5. Promote your channel:

At last, it’s time to promote your channel that is your videos through Google Adwords and other advertising tools. This will give you an initial boost in your video. For advertising, I will suggest you use Google Adwords for better results. 

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