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Clubhouse, a voice social application that has recently become popular around the world and has become a hot topic. It has become a post-dinner talk for many Internet circles and investment circles. If you are an insider, you should inevitably be “swapped” by this product on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook maybe. It is the experience of using Clubhouse; it may be “begging for clubhouse invite” or “begging for clubhouse invitation” or, looking for fellow travelers to follow each other’s Clubhouse account.

Voice group chat that burns after listening:

The essence of Clubhouse is online voice group chat. It has been online for less than a year. The clubhouse is available to download via Play Store and Apple App Store, registration by invitation (each number is usually 2 invitations), the function is very simple, all People can only communicate through voice through “building a room”, they cannot type, or post pictures or videos, and cannot record and broadcast, which is equivalent to “burning after listening”. There are several roles in the Clubhouse chat room: host/administrator, speaker, listener followed by the guest, and other listeners. In terms of product functions, Clubhouse cannot be said to be so novel. There are many alternatives to Clubhouse like Spaces by Twitter, Room from Facebook, etc. By the way to join this app you need a clubhouse invite.

Aside from the product itself, its sudden fire is not unrelated to the “celebrity effect”. On February 1, the newly promoted world’s richest man, Elon Musk, opened a room and chatted on it, making Clubhouse out of the circle quickly, attracting a large number of new users, and it became very popular in the USA. It has to be said that Musk is a veritable online celebrity that brings goods. Whether it is a product manager or not, many users are keen to share experience, evaluate or analyze Clubhouse’s product form and logic. Compared with the product itself, the phenomena and extensive discussions it caused are also very interesting.

Regarding the prospect of this product, some people think that it will not be popular for three days, and some people think it will be the next hot product. Some people say that a large number of products of the same type will soon appear in the country, which is a weather vane and will bring greater changes in the industry. However, some people ridiculed this as “the self-confidence of the Silicon Valley elites”, and the “hard to find” invitation system is like “elitism” in the real world. Earlier on eBay, a Clubhouse invitation was even fired up to $100, and once sold for three to four hundred USD, but the current price has fallen to less than one hundred USD. To this end, some people set up an invitation code exchange and mutual assistance group.

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Why is the social software Clubhouse suddenly so popular? 

There are three reasons for Clubhouse’s fire: epidemic dividends and invitation system It brings superiority and fills the gap in American audio society. He believes that Clubhouse is likely to seize the podcast market, and in the long-term development, Clubhouse “may encounter the same development bottleneck as domestic audio social apps, that is, how to control social quality and balance anonymous social and real-name social”. Some people said that they were always uninterested in the app, but some users said that they were “poisoned” to Clubhouse and posted a screenshot of the “screen usage time”, showing that their use of the app a day has been close to 11 hours. In addition, there are engineers who re-engraved Clubhouse in 55 hours and open-sourced it on GitHub.

The sound net behind Clubhouse:

In any case, the voice social circuit has indeed received unprecedented attention because of Clubhouse. At the same time, it was revealed that the real-time audio and video (Real-time Communication, RTC) service provider behind Clubhouse was Agora. As a result, the stock price of Shengwang has risen and it has hit a record high of $99 per share. At present, the official sound network has not announced the partnership with Clubhouse, but only stated that “No comments or opinions about Clubhouse.” Recently, the author participated in several discussions about Shengwang and Clubhouse in the Clubhouse room, and many of them were employees of Shengwang.

Why is the sound network? What are the advantages of Soundness? For such frequently asked questions, an engineer in the chat room who claimed to be from Shengwang responded: “In terms of technology, it is mainly because of the early start. Tony, everyone I also know that he was originally born in YY, and he has a certain foundation in the audio and video industry. Shengwang started to do RTC in 2014, but like Tencent’s TRTC, and Alibaba’s only those who started doing it in the past two years, the reserve must It’s that the technology of Shengwang should be stronger. Of course, there are also our friends. They are also quite good. Some domestic apps will use to connect to Shengwang and other friends at the same time in order to prevent “hanging on a tree”. When a failure occurs, you can choose another one to avoid risks. For us, we must try to avoid giving users a jam or similar experience to prevent our amount from being cut to friends. This is also a game between everyone. the process of.”

The above-mentioned voice network engineer also said that the current industry competition is still fierce, and it cannot be said that the voice network is completely dominant. “It’s just that now because there is only, there is no target that can be matched, and the Clubhouse has become popular, everyone will pay more attention to Shengwang. I think there is still a lot of room for this industry itself, and there are many directions to explore.”

Some people are concerned about the success of Shengwang. They want to know how to find their own direction at the beginning of the establishment of Shengwang. In this regard, Tony Wang, a partner of Agora, said: “In fact, in the early days, everyone did not have so much certainty. Knowing that audio and video will explode in 7 years, the sound network was the first Zhao Bin found the direction, and then I met him through an introduction, and we chatted on a Friday night. After the chat, I basically spent the entire weekend. Didn’t sleep because I think this thing uses too much space.”

“But at that time, there were many voices in Silicon Valley saying that the things made by Soundnet were useless because Google WebRTC also came out. In the future, the network will only get better and better, 4G, LTE, 5G…’ No one would use it when it came out.’ Then I was thinking about whether this is true? Then I thought, no, I’ve never seen a highway that is not blocked, and these high-speed companies must have done it when they were built. Through calculations. So basically I think everyone’s demand for experience is endless.” Tony Wang said. In this regard, Tony Wang also made several explanations: First, Shengwang strictly abides by the EU’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and HIPAA (Health Insurance Privacy and Accountability Act), and does not record any personally identifiable information. Net has served customers around the world from the very beginning, so it has done very carefully in this regard.

Secondly, Soundnet started in the United States, headquartered in Silicon Valley, and has a research and development center in Shanghai. But he also emphasized that Shengwang is actually a global company, and believes that the headquarter is outdated. The key to a globalized enterprise lies in the global real-time network. For example, everyone is interacting in real-time using the services provided by the Internet and the voice network. Therefore, the headquarters ’ statement will “will become increasingly non-existent”, not to mention that after this year and a half, Because employees in the epidemic are more inclined to work remotely, it doesn’t really matter where the headquarters are.

Clubhouse is not yet open to the public. Existing users need to provide invitation codes (up to 2-3) to enter. However, this failed to prevent some Chinese users from downloading the experience, and even the popular scene of “a code hard to find” frequently appeared, and the invitation code to join the conference was fired at a sky-high price. If you are looking for Clubhouse invite then you will find a link below.

According to data from Sensor Tower, a mobile application analysis company, on February 7, Clubhouse reached the top in Germany, Italy, Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, and became the most downloaded mobile application in the Apple Store that day. At the beginning of January, the app’s ranking in major markets was generally outside of 500. However, as many people have pointed out when comparing Clubhouse and podcasting: Podcasting is still a radio-style asynchronous one-way communication, and the comment section of Microcosm is far more active than platforms such as WeChat public account, which just shows that listeners are stimulated in real-time. There is nowhere to put his desire for expression and communication. An interesting phenomenon is that many podcast listeners try to make their own podcasts so that some people ridicule podcasts so much that the audiences are not enough. This shows that for users, “unequal” podcasts are not the most ideal medium.

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