Why only Samsung provide S-Pen Stylus?

At present, the only mobile phone with a stylus is Samsung. Samsung’s previous Note series mobile phones will be equipped with S Pen stylus as standard, and Samsung has also given S Pen more and more functions. Since the birth of the Samsung Note series, the stylus has always played a very important role, which […]

What is the difference between Amazon.com and Alibaba.com?

The business model of Amazon and Alibaba The e-commerce market continues to grow and develop, as more consumers tend to buy goods online. Many large and small companies have accepted the advantages of combining physical stores and Internet-based supplementary stores to meet the needs of most consumers. However, some e-commerce giants, such as Amazon (AMZN)

China has announced that they have launched the strongest 5G smartphone ever!

As we all know, since the 5G network was proposed, it has attracted the attention of operators from all over the world. Now the world is accelerating the construction of 5G networks, and the 5G network era is also coming to us quickly. The construction of 5G networks was quickly realized. We even issued 5G

Redmi K-40 features leaked again!

Redmi is currently the fastest-growing sub-brand manufacturer, among which mid-range devices are developing the fastest. At present, Redmi has a variety of 5G mid-range devices that are selling well. For example, Redmi K30 5G and Redmi K30 Extreme Commemorative Edition are all the rage in the market. It’s just that a new 5G flagship phone

best hotel management software

Best 10 Hotel Management Software (2023)

Best 10 Hotel Management Software – In the highly competitive hospitality industry efficiently managing a hotel is very important for success. One method to achieve this is to use advanced hotel management software. These software have many useful features that make work easier, improve customer experiences, and increase productivity in general. In this article, we will explore the

3 Things an Entrepreneur should know to run a successful Internet company

There are more and more people doing mobile Internet entrepreneurship, so what kind of personal composition does a common Internet company need? For an Internet company that makes products, the three main types of Internet work, technology, product, and operation, are indispensable. Technology Server-side development, also called back-end development, is mainly responsible for the realization of product

Will iPhone continue to be popular in the future – Apple iPhone future

No pre-installed apps, no messy advertisements, and no pushes On any Android phone, you can always see some pre-installed applications when you open a new phone. These are the promotions of the APP and are for the mobile phone manufacturer’s money; when you open the new iPhone, the phone does not have any unofficial apps

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