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motorola s30 back side

Motorola S30 review & full specification, price in India

When it comes to the Motorola brand, I believe many people will not be unfamiliar with it. It was once a giant in the mobile phone industry, but its subsequent sales have gradually declined, and its popularity is not comparable to that of Huawei, Xiaomi, and other brands. In recent years, Motorola has seized the […]

Can Wife Robot do anything for you?

It is said that Japan has produced a robot called the “wife” robot, which can chat with you like a friend, do housework, and spend a long night with you like a wife. Some media even said that wife robot can give birth to children. Not only that, but the media also reported that the

BYD introduced one of the cheapest electric cars – Tesla vs BYD

As long as you are not F1 racer, most of the vehicle’s horse-power is enough for your day to day use. I don’t know whether you have heard about BYD, so for those who don’t know about BYD let me tell you, BYD is the closest competitor of Tesla. BYD has also beaten Tesla in

Top games under 100 MB for smartphones | Games you should play

As time continues to advance, there are also many fun games that can be played on smartphones (online/offline). So what are the top ten best games for mobile according to game rankings? Let’s take a look at the recommended new mobile games that must be played in 2023. We all are living in the 21st

mi xiaomi self driving car

Xiaomi to launch its first Self-Driving car in 2024

Autonomous driving or self-driving, as a new driving mode, can be called a new peak of intelligent driving technology, and naturally, it has become the core competitive goal of related car companies. As a result, 2024 is also regarded as the “first year of autonomous driving” for new energy vehicle companies. Elon Musk’s Tesla, whose

How to get iPhone emoji keyboard on your Android

So you are an Android user and want to use the iPhone emoji on your Android smartphone. After finding and exploring different keyboard apps. I finally found that only 1-2 out of 14 popular keyboard app support iPhone emojis for Android mobile. Some popular keyboard apps are Facemoji & Google Keyboard (which don’t support iPhone

What is Barcode? Introduction to different types of Barcode

Barcode: A barcode is a mark composed of a group of regularly arranged bars, spaces, and their corresponding characters to represent certain information. Code: A code is a set of one or a group of ordered symbols used to represent objective things. Example: 6901234567892 is a set of codes. Symbology: Symbology refers to the type

Best Web Hosting Providers of 2022 | Free & paid Web hosting

Best Web Hosting Providers of 2022. Truly, there are huge amounts of ways you can have a website for free as well as paid. From the top cloud monsters to neighborhood facilitating new businesses searching for approaches to scale their client base. Google cloud facilitating has a proposal of $300 free credit that lets you

Apple iPhone price drop: Get the Apple smartphone for as low as Rs …

Apple is a well-known brand. As we all know, it is very difficult to reduce the price of Apple’s products. In the past, Apple has never participated in various domestic shopping festivals. I have to say that as the market does not change, the biggest brands also need to change due to market changes. In

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