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How to turn off Windows 10 updates permanently?

How to disable Windows 10 automatic background update? Many Windows 10 reports that their computer is lagging and when they check system performance they find high RAM and Disk usage. Before that, if you want to take a backup of Microsoft Office 365 and store it safely in the cloud try Loop Backup. After searching […]

U.S has approved Samsung to continue to supply OLED screens to Huawei & TSMC

In the face of rounds of bans and unfair sanctions, Huawei’s “back-hand” came out. Huawei is also continuing to fight in its way, and it is still persevering. A great company will not suffer from difficulties. Whatever falls, what can’t be defeated will make us stronger. After the ban came into effect on September 15th,

Top 10 Fleet Management Software (2023)

Fleet operation is a critical aspect of numerous businesses that calculate a line of vehicles for their daily operations. The effective operation of these can significantly impact the line’s overall effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, and safety. With advancements in technology, line operation software has surfaced as a priceless tool for businesses looking to streamline their operations and

(2023 Update) Free video editing software for PC without watermark

Editing a video is not an easy task as it requires proper training and skills. Finding a good & free video editing software for pc without watermark is difficult to find. Some video editing software claims to be free but after you export the edited video they add a watermark to the video which is

Which processor is the best Snapdragon or Dimensity?

Last year’s Dimensity 8100 was very popular, and many reviewers thought it was the best-performing Android processor at that time, even surpassing the Snapdragon 8 first Gen and Dimensity 9000, because the latter two had high power consumption and often trigger temperature control strategies, frequency reduction, and heat generation occur from time to time. To

web hosting for small business

Best web hosting providers for small business (2023)

Web hosting services are the computerized approach to hosting digital services online through websites. Web hosting services are provided by web hosting companies which provide the services by giving them a certain amount of space in their server, on which they upload their images and individual files which can be accessed through the internet with

Things you should know about Cyber Security & hacking (2023)

Cyber security, or electronic information security, is a technology that safeguards computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data from malicious attacks. It encompasses various contexts, including business and mobile computing, and can be categorized into multiple common categories. So, if you want to protect your business from hackers then learn more about,

Time-saving Microsoft Excel ticks & shortcuts you should know

Hello, everyone. It’s been a long time since I shared any Microsoft Excel-related skills with you. Today, I will share with you some important Excel skills, so that you can understand them at a glance and learn them quickly. But before that, if you want to back up your Microsoft 356 data use Internetport which

How to create a website in WordPress for a small business?

With the rapid development of the Internet industry, more and more enterprises rely on the Internet to develop their own business. Therefore, the website hosting industry has also ushered in the spring of development, and more and more companies provide this service. According to statistics, more than 90% of enterprise websites are zombie websites, and

8 ways to extract data from websites using Javascript – Web scrapping with JS

This article explains how to scrape data from the web with Node js efficiently. The report is primarily aimed at programmers with some JavaScript experience. If you have a solid understanding of web scraping but are new to JavaScript, this article can help you. What we will learn? Learn about Node.js Javascript is a simple,

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