How to transfer files from mobile to laptop

How to transfer files from phone to laptop without USB? (2024)

We may need to transfer files between our smartphones and Laptops sometimes. This is significant if the files we need to transfer include essential data, images, or movies. Transferring files from a Smartphone to laptop may be done offline as well as in online mode. This article will explain these strategies and give step-by-step directions […]

How to increase battery life of mobile – Android & iPhone

With the development of the times and the improvement of the economic level, smartphones, which were once out of reach, have become a necessary communication tool for everyone. It is not only a link between people, but also a powerful assistant for us to explore the world and realize our self-worth. However, as smartphones become

How to record Screen on Laptop with Audio?

iTop Screen Recorder is an intuitive, powerful, and easy screen recorder that helps capture all your activities and create videos on your PC. The free screen recorder for PC offers 4 modes to record screen, webcam, audio, and game clips easily and quickly. It simplifies capturing your PC screen and creating high-quality video tutorials, presentations,

fire boltt sonic headphones

Fire Boltt Sonic Headphone features & review – Should you buy?

Hello everyone, welcome to a new tech review blog. So, Fireboltt recently announced that they will be launching a new Headphone which they named “Fire Boltt Sonic Headphone“. By introducing this headphone they are going to take an entry in the Headphone market segment. If you see companies like Boat, and Noise are already in

apple logo

Why Apple CEO Tim Cook said iOS is 47 times safer than Android?

Apple mobile phones have always advertised safety and smoothness, attracting fans with a closed iOS ecosystem. At the same time, they ridiculed the lack of security of the Android system and satirized that Android products are inferior to the iPhone in privacy protection. According to Phone Arena reports, Apple CEO Tim Cook recently participated in

How to charge your smartphone safely so that it can last long?

The basic composition of a smartphone battery First of all, let’s take a look at the composition of smartphone batteries. The composition of smartphone batteries can be divided into two parts. The first part is the battery cell. Now, most smartphones use lithium polymer batteries, which are similar to lithium polymer batteries in basic characteristics.

web hosting

Free & paid web hosting provider you can use for your website

Truly, there are huge amounts of ways you can have a site free. From the top cloud monsters to neighborhood facilitating new businesses that are searching for approaches to scale up their client base. Google Cloud facilitating has a $300 free credit proposal that lets you send live websites on their cloud stage. Amazon and

top 10 smartphones used by students

Top 10 smartphones used by GenZ

Nowadays, young people can’t imagine life without smartphones. But which ones do they like the most? This article will tell you about the ten most popular smartphones among young people. iPhone 15 Pro The iPhone 15 Pro is equipped with the 3-nanometer Apple A17 Pro chip and the new iOS 17 system software, which performs

What does TVRip, DTHRip, HDTV, & HDTVRip mean?

In this article, we will discuss TVRip, DTHRip, HDTV, and HDTVRip. TVRip A TVRip is a recording of a television program captured directly from a broadcast signal. It’s similar to recording a show on a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) or VCR (Video Cassette Recorder). TVRips are typically made by individuals who record TV shows as

What does CAMRip, BRRip, BDRip, WORKPRINT & DVDscr mean?

In this article, we will discuss the different Rip like CAMRip, BRRip, BDRip, WORKPRINT & DVDscr means. CAMRip A CAMRip is a type of movie file that’s recorded or ripped directly from the screen in a movie theater using a camera. It’s not the best quality because it’s filmed in a theater, so you might

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