How to get iPhone like round edges on Instagram story?

Instagram has newly introduced new features which include adding metrics i.e. watch time & mean watch time for viewing your reels insights and new story features like adding rounded edges to your Instagram reels. As of now, Instagram has only enabled the rounded edges features on iPhone but to get the round edges story feature […]

Buying a new phone? Do not buy 32 GB, 64 GB or 128 GB storage smartphones

Many people are now in a state of being on their smartphones since they wake up. Setting an alarm clock, watching the time, chatting, working, playing games, and watching the news. Almost all the main features of personal needs in life can provide services well. I don’t know if you have noticed that many smartphone

How to turn off Windows 10 updates permanently?

How to disable Windows 10 automatic background update? Many Windows 10 reports that their computer is lagging and when they check system performance they find high RAM and Disk usage. After searching for a will, they found that this is happening due to the automatic update of Windows 10. Even after some of the latest

how to use tiktok in india

(2024 Working) How to use Tiktok in India after ban?

Are you searching for how to use TikTok in India? Are you missing all the entertainment you got after seeing the TikTok videos or having FOMO with the views and the excitement you got after reading the comments? In general, TikTok is a short video-sharing platform launched by a Chinese company named Bytedance. TikTok features

U.S has approved Samsung to continue to supply OLED screens to Huawei & TSMC

In the face of rounds of bans and unfair sanctions, Huawei’s “back-hand” came out. Huawei is also continuing to fight in its way, and it is still persevering. A great company will not suffer from difficulties. Whatever falls, what can’t be defeated will make us stronger. After the ban came into effect on September 15th,

The Indian phone market is changing at a rapid rate – This time OPPO tops the list

According to data released by the market research agency Canalys, in the third quarter, OPPO and Realme (Realme operates independently, but it is owned by Oga Holdings) in the Indian smartphone market together accounted for 29.5% of the market share, surpassing Xiaomi to take the Indian smartphone market First place in share. According to the

Apple loses 1st place in the smartphone industry

When it comes to smartphones the first question that comes to people’s minds is whether Apple or Samsung is the best, I believe everyone is familiar with them. Now basically everyone has a mobile phone, and many people have two smartphones or even three smartphones. In recent years, the frequency of changing smartphones has decreased.

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