3 Things an Entrepreneur should know to run a successful Internet company

There are more and more people doing mobile Internet entrepreneurship, so what kind of personal composition does a common Internet company need? For an Internet company that makes products, the three main types of Internet work,¬†technology, product, and operation,¬†are indispensable. Technology Server-side development, also called back-end development, is mainly responsible for the realization of product […]

Do you know the difference between UI & UX designers?

Design is a rather broad and vague term. When someone says “I’m a designer”, it’s hard to know what he does every day. Design covers many fields and responsibilities, from industrial design (cars, furniture) to print design (magazines, other publications), to the technology industry (websites, mobile applications), designers with different responsibilities can be found everywhere.

Tips for setting up Hirisecamera – Hi Rise Camera details

Hi Rise Camera is an innovative manufacturer of video tower units and products that capture high-angle video footage. HiRiseCamera products are revolutionizing the way that high-angle video footage is captured around the globe. The company was born from the idea that capturing video footage the way you need it, should be easy, impactful, and affordable.

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