3 Things an Entrepreneur should know to run a successful Internet company


There are more and more people doing mobile Internet entrepreneurship, so what kind of personal composition does a common Internet company need? For an Internet company that makes products, the three main types of Internet work, technology, product, and operation, are indispensable.

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Server-side development, also called back-end development, is mainly responsible for the realization of product business logic, the database part, and the operation of the server in the future. As the number of users increases, the back-end team will be more and more subdivided. 

For example, there will be database operation and maintenance (DBA), middleware development team, big data development and operation and maintenance, and underlying server operation and maintenance (including physical server and virtualization platform and container platform operation and maintenance development)

Front-end development, with the development of front-end and back-end separation technology, the front-end is increasingly becoming a completely independent type of work. Before the emergence of frameworks such as react, vue, and angular, front-end work often relied on the back-end. 

With the continuous iteration of technology, front-end products are becoming more and more complex, especially the mobile Internet, the adaptation of various types of mobile phones, and various open platforms, such as the launch of various open platforms for small programs, open platforms for fast applications, etc.

The front end has to solve more and more problems. In addition, the JS development language commonly used in the front-end has gradually penetrated the back-end development, and Nodejs has continued to improve in recent years.

Mobile development. Mobile development mainly refers to the development of iOS and Android. IOS and Android development is now declining, and Android development is getting more and more attention. In terms of market share, Android currently has more than 80 market shares, and iOS is only a little over 10%. 

Android is the Java language as a development tool, so the entry barrier is relatively low. Of course, now Android is mainly pushing Kotlin. The most troublesome aspect of the Android platform is the adaptation problem. The result of openness is the fragmentation of the system. However, this problem is not so prominent now.

After all, after so many versions of iteration, most mobile phone companies have given up on the Android bottom layer. Change, and need to modify part of the UI layer. Android is often faced with the problem of interface adaptation. Mobile phone screens have various resolutions, and often they can only make trade-offs.


Product manager, the product manager should be the most difficult job for students who have never done the Internet. Product managers seem to be able to become managers as soon as they enter the industry.

Design and design are mainly graphic designers who are responsible for the final display effect and interactive effect of the product. Design students are responsible for drawing (visual draft), interactive (interactive draft), and finally, the product is technically developed, and acceptance is required.


Operation is the most difficult job type to define on the Internet, or everything can be operated. The purpose of the operation is simply the various tasks that need to be done to achieve the desired effect of the product. Common operations are as follows.

Content operation. Responsible for providing content internally and externally. Now common new media operations and short video operations fall into this category. User operations. Responsible for the user’s pull new and old, analyze the conversion of users at various stages, formulate a new pull plan, and develop a plan to improve the recall of old users.

Channel operations. Internet companies also have their own upstream and downstream. For example, where users come from, the realization of products needs to be considered, such as SEM and SEO in the PC era, also in the app era, application market launch, various advertising platforms, and various alliance platforms. This type of operation is somewhat similar to the marketing and business positions of traditional companies.

The differences in the company’s business leaders to a different emphasis on operations, so it is difficult to list all kinds of operations. This type of work is based on setting up posts on demand. For these three types of jobs, different Internet companies have different needs. For example, with the continuous iteration of small programs, many things that previously needed to be done by independent apps can be done with small programs. 

Many start-up companies will put their startup projects on small programs, so there is no need to look for mobile development at the beginning, just mobile development. For another example, the current self-media or short video entrepreneurship often only requires one person to start, no development or product is needed. This person only needs to make content, and then the role of this person is content operation.

This is the first article that Internet entrepreneurs must know and must know. The original intention of writing this article is that since I started writing entrepreneurial-related articles, I occasionally received private letters from some classmates asking me questions about entrepreneurship, and some questions, about my place In the eyes of Internet practitioners for many years, they need to have a general understanding.

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