Tips for setting up Hirisecamera – Hi Rise Camera details


Hi Rise Camera is an innovative manufacturer of video tower units and products that capture high-angle video footage. HiRiseCamera products are revolutionizing the way that high-angle video footage is captured around the globe. The company was born from the idea that capturing video footage the way you need it, should be easy, impactful, and affordable.

So you want to film while sitting? Here are some of the tips you should know before setting up your high-rise camera:

1. When opening up the tripod at your desired location, extend each tripod leg only half of the total length when extended to the appropriate size the lower tripod pull guide will be approximately 3 inches above the easy spin base.

2. Attach the tilt control handle to the telescoping pole directly above the tripod pull guide – When finalizing the position of the tilt control handle move it back and forth and the lowest part of the tilt control handle should barely clear the tripod to pull guide. This is very important if the tripod pull guide interferes with the movement of the tilt control handle moving back and forth slightly to raise the attachment point of the tilt control handle on the telescopic pole.

3. Adjust your high-rise camera filming chair to your desired height – You are able to adjust the chair height in two places. Each chair leg adjusts independently. setting the chair at a higher height may make it easier and more comfortable when using the tilt control handle to operate the high-rise camera. If you choose to film while sitting always use the straight stakes to anchor your high-rise camera securely. if you are filming on a surface that does not allow you to use straight stakes to anchor your high-rise camera do not film while sitting down. important never leave the high-rise camera unattended.

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