How to check if 2 people chat frequently on WeChat?


In the digital age, smartphones have become a part of our lives, and WeChat, as one of the most popular social tools, carries our daily communication with family and friends. Sometimes we are curious about how to check who we chat with most on WeChat and whether we chat frequently. Today we will discuss it technically and use the relatively secret WeChat function to view the most frequently contacted friends on WeChat.

Method 1: Check which friends you chat with most frequently through storage space

  • Open WeChat and click “Me” in the lower right corner to enter the personal information page.
  • On the personal information page, find the “Settings” option and click to enter.
  • In the settings page, select the “General” option.
  • On the general page, find the “Storage Space” option and click to enter.
  • On the storage space page, you can see the amount of mobile phone storage space occupied by WeChat, as well as the space occupied by chat history, cache, and other data. Click the “Manage” button next to “Chat History.”

On the chat history management page, you can see a list of chat history with all your friends. The list is arranged from large to small in terms of memory usage, with those that take up more memory at the front and those that take up less memory at the back. The larger the memory, the more contact you have with that person. Through this method, you can know which WeChat friends you have more contact with.

However, it should be noted that this method can only view the space occupied by the chat history, and cannot directly view the chat content.

Method 2: Quickly check the chat history frequency of a specific friend

If you’re interested in how often a specific friend chats, you can check it out by following these steps:

  • Open WeChat and enter the chat interface with the friend.
  • In the chat interface, click the “…” button in the upper right corner to enter the chat settings page.
  • In the chat settings page, select the “Find chat history” option.
  • On the search chat history page, you can choose to search by categories such as “Date”, “Pictures and Videos”, “Files”, “Links”, etc. Here we select the “Date” option.
  • The calendar date displayed here has two colors, one is highlighted and the other is gray. The highlighted one means that the two people are chatting on that day. Click to directly see the chat between the two people on that day’s records and the gray dates are the dates when the two people did not chat.

This way, you can see at a glance the dates and frequency of chats with that friend. Of course, mobile phones are an important carrier of personal privacy. WeChat chat records are everyone’s private space and should not be viewed by others at will. The key is that both parties must be able to reach a consensus, and respect and understand each other.

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