Best Video Editing App for Android and iOS Smartphones


I am a video editor and a travel expert. In addition to taking pictures, I also like to use my mobile phone to record the incredible scenery along the way. Since I am a loyal Android user, it is very annoying to make videos like Apple’s “iMovie” on my phone. How painful it is to find a useful video production APP in the vast ocean of Android software. Just when I was in distress, I happened to encounter a production app-KineMaster in the Xiaomi App Store. Why is this app attractive to me? Because the operation of “KineMaster” is very similar to Apple’s iMovie, and the features are more abundant than iMovie, “KineMaster” is a video editing tool for Android users.

From the interface point of view, you may find that it is somewhat similar to iMovie, but the menus and functions are relatively richer. The menu bars on the left and right are simple, clear, and practical, and users who are in contact with them for the first time can get started easily. Among them, the “sound” function supports audio recording, and you can record while watching the video, which is much more convenient. But let me clear this first there is no Kinemater software available for Windows PC and Mac. If you want to use the Kinemaster app on your PC then you need to download an Android emulator link BlueStack, Nox Player, etc.

I all know that short videos have become popular, and many teenagers have joined the short video platform. When we talk about making short videos, it is inevitable to use editing software, so today we will give you a gift package of self-media editing. Many editing software is not fully functional, the most used software for PC is Adobe Premiere, and Flimorago, usually, I use only two editing software, please remember, don’t use mobile phone editing software, if you want to use video editing apps in phone then the best choice is Kinemaster, you can use your mobile phone to do editing. The memory is small, and the screen is small. Only a computer is the easiest. One network cable and one computer are enough to ensure smooth video and save you time.

Of course, for shooting, we can use mobile phones and SLRs, but the pixels need to be 4K or higher. Don’t say much to ensure the clarity of the video, and directly deliver the dry goods. But before discussing Kinemaster let’s talk first about the most popular video editing software:

Top Video Editing Software for PC:

1. Adobe Premiere – Paid

2. Adobe After Effect – Paid

3. Filmorago – Paid/Free

4. Lightworks – Paid/Free

Top video editing apps for Android and iOS:

1. Kinemaster

2. Filmorago

3. Quik

4. Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Premiere: Premiere is a kind of audiovisual editing software based on non-linear editing equipment. It can be used in conjunction with hardware under various platforms. It is widely used in TV stations, advertising production, movie editing, and other fields. It has become the most commonly used on PC and Mac platforms—video editing software. The PR software is a standard configuration for professional players. The primary function is to make video editing, and the effect is very good. Its three brothers are AU, PS, and AE. These four brothers form a family, basically one. Several other software will do because the shortcut keys inside are the same.

Adobe After Effect: After Effect is a professional special effects synthesis software for high-end video special effects systems. It draws on the success of excellent software and raises the video special effects synthesis technology to a new level. This software is used for the title and post-production effects, and the effects of many blockbuster movies are made with this software, which is very sensational.

Kinemaster: The media browser can browse all the pictures and videos stored on the phone. The distinction is very clear, and it also has thumbnail browsing, which is very easy to use. In addition to the tracks stored on the phone, the audio material also provides a certain amount of music. When you don’t find the right music, you may wish to consider the music material that comes with it. And what exactly is the “layer” on the menu? It can be regarded as the “layer” in the PS. After the user selects the video file, click on the “layer”, and a toolbar will pop up. You can add effects and text to the video. Is it more practical than iMovie? You can see a vibrant variety of materials in the KineMaster Material Store. Some are provided for a fee, and of course, there are free ones. There are many types, including video special effects styles, special effects, transition effects, stickers, text formats, and music materials. The point is, that there are more free downloads than charged ones. Is it very kind?

After downloading the material from the store, click to select the white grid between the two videos to add a transition effect! It is very convenient and easy to use, and a variety of transition effects can be selected, there are more tricks than iMovie. After selecting one of the videos, you can also edit, crop, mute, and adjust the color and other functions of the video, just like the operation in a computer, which is more professional than iMovie. There is a tool on the left that is also more interesting. It can intercept the screen in the video convert it into a picture, and then perform position operations on it! Making a header picture is that simple. Save the edited video and then export it. The export video supports the export of 2K video at most, which is also rare in other mobile phone video editing software! Can meet the needs of TV watching.

If there are any shortcomings in KineMaster, of course, there are! For KineMaster, the biggest drawback seems to be the watermark. The watermark cannot be eliminated, it is just. Need to charge only! The minimum consumption is $10/30 days and $50/year, which feels a bit expensive. But if you often need to use video editing software, you can consider it. If you don’t care about the watermark, it is possible. You said why don’t I download the cracked version? amount. I downloaded this, but it is prone to bugs, which can cause the software to crash and be inoperable, so downloading the cracked version is not recommended. Therefore, KineMaster is the best video editing app for Android users, at least the best mobile video editing software I have used so far. Android users don’t have to be jealous of Apple’s iMovie. KineMaster can beat iMovie.

Apart from the tasteless charging items and watermark, there are no obvious shortcomings. I hope this recommended video editing APP can solve the trouble of video editing for everyone.

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