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At last iOS 14.2 is released with major changes which include 117 new emojis


Add 100+ Emoji

As early as the beginning of the year, we reported that there will be 117 new emojis in 2020. I have been eagerly looking forward to more than half a year, watching the continuous optimization of iOS 14 eagerly, until the release of iOS 14.2, the new emojis are all in place. The newly added Emoji include animals, food, expressions, household items, musical instruments, and other types. 8 months when APPSO did a little survey, high popularity smile, and a tear, pearl milk tea, fingers kneading (Italy hand) have been on the line in the iOS 14.2.

Added 8 new wallpapers, both light and dark versions are available

The original static wallpapers of flowers and planets were “taken off the shelves”, and replaced by 8 new ones in iOS 14.2, including two styles of realism and art, and both are available in dark and light versions. This means that when you choose these wallpapers, switch the “appearance” to light or dark, and the desktop effect will change accordingly.

Added “Headphone Safety”, when the volume of the headphone is too high, you can send a notification and lower the volume

Open “Settings> Sound & Touch” In turn, you can see the newly added “Headset Security” button, click to enter and you can choose to turn on “Headset Notification”. This is undoubtedly a very useful function. When the iPhone detects that the headset volume exceeds the recommended 7-day volume limit, it will send a notification and lower the volume to reduce the impact on hearing.

Added AirPods “optimized battery charging” control switch

Want to slow down the aging speed of AirPods Pro batteries? iOS 14.2 provides an effective solution. After connecting to AirPods Pro, you can select the corresponding device in “Settings> Bluetooth> My Devices”, enter the settings page, and turn on the “Optimize battery charging” switch. With this setting, iPhone and AirPods Pro will learn your daily charging mode, so that the headset will be temporarily charged to more than 80% until it is needed. It should be noted that through actual measurement, Mr. A found that only AirPods Pro has the “optimized battery charging” function, and AirPods first and second generations do not support it.

Redesigned “AirPlay” interface

In the official version of iOS 14.2, the interface layout and animation of “AirPlay” have also been redesigned. You can see that the extended panel area that pops up after long-pressing the music control panel is larger than before. The control button has changed from a button in the upper right corner to a complete music control panel, and the volume control has also been integrated. The devices capable of “airplay” are at the bottom of the panel. The previous control button in the upper right corner is replaced by the switch device button. Click to collapse the list of air-playing devices, and the panel will become a complete music playback control interface. In addition, in the music application, the pop-up panel that is used to switch the playback device will block the music that is playing behind in full-screen form, and now it becomes an extended panel that pops up at the bottom, which will not block the entire interface.

New “Music Recognition” control button in “Control Center”

iOS 14.2 also adds a new Control Center Shazam music recognition service, users can “Settings> Control Center” see “music recognition” and add to the iPhone in the pull-up control center. Shazam’s music recognition service is also a veteran software. In 2018, Apple completed the acquisition of this music recognition software. Click the shortcut button and the phone will automatically start to recognize the surrounding music. Generally, the recognition will be completed after 4~5 seconds. When the Shazam music recognition completes the recognition of the surrounding songs, a recognition result will pop up in the notification bar and stay, click This notification will jump to the Shazam official website to view more information about the song.

“Amplifier” can detect nearby people

Apple’s auxiliary tool “amplifier” designed for people with visual difficulties has also been updated. The function of this auxiliary tool is to use the iPhone as a tool similar to a “magnifying glass” to magnify the surrounding things and to add adjustment buttons such as brightness, contrast, filters, and a flashlight to the auxiliary control.

Now the “amplifier” can detect the people around you through the LiDAR function, which can effectively help you maintain a proper social distance from the people around you. Also added in the auxiliary control, but due to hardware limitations, currently, only iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max can be used.

Added support for iPhone 12 series MagSafe leather case

After the release of the iPhone 12 series, Apple has not listed MagSafe leather cases, but the new features of iOS 14.2 added support for the MagSafe leather cases of the iPhone 12 series. The latest information shows that it supports iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro.

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