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China has announced that they have launched the strongest 5G smartphone ever!

As we all know, since the 5G network was proposed, it has attracted the attention of operators from all over the world. Now the world is accelerating the construction of 5G networks, and the 5G network era is also coming to us quickly. The construction of 5G networks was quickly realized. We even issued 5G […]

U.S has approved Samsung to continue to supply OLED screens to Huawei & TSMC

In the face of rounds of bans and unfair sanctions, Huawei’s “back-hand” came out. Huawei is also continuing to fight in its way, and it is still persevering. A great company will not suffer from difficulties. Whatever falls, what can’t be defeated will make us stronger. After the ban came into effect on September 15th,

The Indian phone market is changing at a rapid rate – This time OPPO tops the list

According to data released by the market research agency Canalys, in the third quarter, OPPO and Realme (Realme operates independently, but it is owned by Oga Holdings) in the Indian smartphone market together accounted for 29.5% of the market share, surpassing Xiaomi to take the Indian smartphone market First place in share. According to the

Redmi K-40 features leaked again!

Redmi is currently the fastest-growing sub-brand manufacturer, among which mid-range devices are developing the fastest. At present, Redmi has a variety of 5G mid-range devices that are selling well. For example, Redmi K30 5G and Redmi K30 Extreme Commemorative Edition are all the rage in the market. It’s just that a new 5G flagship phone

Best games under 100 MB you should play in 2023

As time continues to advance, there are also many fun games that can be played on smartphones (online/offline). So what are the top ten best games for mobile according to game rankings? Let’s take a look at the recommended new mobile games that must be played in 2021. We all are living in the 21st

3 Things an Entrepreneur should know to run a successful Internet company

There are more and more people doing mobile Internet entrepreneurship, so what kind of personal composition does a common Internet company need? For an Internet company that makes products, the three main types of Internet work, technology, product, and operation, are indispensable. Technology Server-side development, also called back-end development, is mainly responsible for the realization of product

How many years Apple iPhone 12 can last?

A14 Bionic Chip Although from the press conference, the improvement of A14 is not big, according to the actual tests of some big guys, it seems that it has improved quite a lot, and wait for the results of more big guys. But no matter how much performance is improved, it will kill the audience anyway,

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