How to do Search Engine Optimization? Ways to improve website ranking (SEO)


Search engine optimization is the best solution for website organic promotion because if search engine optimization is done well, the effect can completely match the effect of paid advertising.

The following is an SEO optimization operation plan that I summarized when I was doing network optimization for a marketing agency. Search engine optimization mainly does several aspects:

Website Content

The actual content of your website is an essential factor in your web optimization strategy. If you want your website to rank higher in search results, you must have actual content on your website. Search engine crawlers are basically blind. They can only judge the quality of your website on the content of your webpage, but not from pictures and flash animations. Having sufficient content on all pages for search engines to the index is a basic requirement for a successful SEO strategy. It is easy to understand why a website with little content is difficult to rank. When people search for information, they always hope to find a website that includes a lot of important information. Very natural, the website ranking that the webpage content is rich is much better than those websites that the webpage content is also so rich. Every website owner who optimizes their website keeps this in mind. Don’t forget to update your website. Both search engines and visitors want to see relatively new information.

Keyword density

There are usually hundreds of words on a web page, so how does the search engine distinguish which are important words to describe a website? Search engines count the number of words on a page. Words or phrases that occur repeatedly are considered more important. Search engines use their own algorithms to calculate the importance of each word on a page. The ratio of the number of keywords to the number of words on the page is called keyword density, and it is one of the most important factors in a search engine optimization strategy.

In order to get a better ranking, website keywords must appear several times on the page, and the number of keywords must be controlled within 5%.

How to do Search Engine Optimization

Keyword Placement

After the words, the next step is to consider where to put the keywords on the web page. Prominent keywords are one of the most important factors to attract the attention of search engines. Search engines will focus on a certain part of your web page, and words in this focused part appear to be much more important than words in other parts. This is known as “keyword highlighting”.

Click popularity

Another factor that affects rankings in some search engines is clicked popularity. The number of times you click to connect to your web page in the search results will be counted. Pages that are frequently clicked on have higher click popularity. When a visitor clicks your website from the search results, the search engine will reward your website with a certain score in the future. If your website gets higher traffic, then you will get more points in the future than those websites with lower traffic. Don’t try to click on your website repeatedly. For repeated clicks on the same IP, search engines will deindex them. When re-login to the search engine again, it will greatly affect the ranking. Search engines will consider this a worthless page.

Here is a complete guide to SEO by Ahrefs:


Link popularity is considered a major factor in SEO. Search engines will think that websites with more external links are more important. Not all links are equal, linking from high-quality sites will give the site more points. The link text must contain optimized keywords, which will also improve the ranking of the website.

Static page

Search engines index static pages faster since they are opened more quickly.

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