What is Boodskap IoT? Bookskap IoT platform review


IoT is not just one thing it’s the network of several things. The most common problem of most IoT community faces today is the fragmentation of available toolsets, ecosystems, and platforms out in the market. When it comes to an IoT implementation initially it looks simple and pretty straightforward, once the development team goes into implementing a solution they stumble upon a lot of issues like protocol, connectivity, scalability, usage, storage, search, analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Now Boodskap stands quite different from a lot of other offerings, Boodskap mainly focuses on the developer community, business users, OEM devices, manufacturers, and equipment manufacturers, and the platform is absolutely user-friendly. there are a whole array of challenges that pop up from business requirements to adoption. Software companies and developers who have access to modern tools and technologies can build an IoT solution too.

Now the question is why do you want to reinvent the wheel and redo the same things when the features are readily available for you to use instantaneously? Time to market is of the essence several million devices can connect to the platform and exchange data. Boodskap is an end-to-end downloadable IoT platform that various audiences can leverage to quickly build a solution for their business problems. The platform is truly multi-vertical, cloud-agnostic, device-agnostic, protocol-agnostic, and industry-agnostic, also the platform can be deployed on miniature edge devices like raspberry pi, banana pi, onion omega, and lots of single-board computers.

iot device

Here’s how it works first you install the platform in any place of your choice, then you configure the hardware devices or any other third-party software to broadcast data to the platform. The platform then collects the data and you can add more intelligence to the data in the back end using Boodskap’s powerful inbuilt rules engine.

There are tons of widgets available in the Boodskap marketplace where you can quickly assemble a candid user interface screen with minimal effort. Just drag and drop and configure the widgets to build web and mobile dashboards. When saved the dashboards appear instantaneously for web and mobile users.

Surprisingly you don’t have to look for any other third-party tools or frameworks to do this. Boodskap is the launchpad for all your IoT needs think business and the platform takes care of the rest. (No-code Low-code IoT platform)

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