The return of Nokia with 120Hz+ Snapdragon 875 and 5700mAh


Many people may think of Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, and even Vivo when it comes to mobile phone brands. Of course, there are some small manufacturers, such as OnePlus, Meizu, etc., but I believe many people have forgotten this brand when the name Nokia is mentioned. As a former smartphone giant, it can be said that the brand has gone through several generations, but today’s Nokia is not as prosperous as those smartphone manufacturers, and people do not often mention some mobile phones.

But today, when the 5G era has arrived, Nokia has also begun to comprehensively. According to media reports, the concept of a Nokia 5G mobile phone was uploaded on the Internet. This mobile phone can be said to represent the strength of Nokia and is also the return of the king of Nokia. witness. In terms of the screen, Nokia uses a 6.5-inch AMOLED screen. To increase the screen-to-body ratio, Nokia uses the latest under-screen camera. In addition, the refresh rate of this screen is as high as 120Hz. This mobile phone may not be able to do it, even if some manufacturers can do it, but it may not be as good as Nokia. In addition, this Nokia’s business style is full, the whole body uses a metal frame, and the overall look is good.


In addition to the dazzling appearance and screen, the processor of this Nokia 5G mobile phone is also very advanced. It is reported that it will be equipped with the Snapdragon 875 processor, which is also an advanced processor that will be born on the market. It is higher than the Hisilicon Kirin 9000. According to technology bloggers, the CPU of the Snapdragon 875 is composed of one 2.84 GHz super core Cortex X1, three 2.42GHz A78, and four 1.8GHz A55 cores, which is what we usually hear of as “1+3 +4”, can be seen as the processor of this phone is very powerful.

In terms of cameras, Nokia is expected to be equipped with five rear cameras, of which the main camera is as high as 120 mega pixels. The other four lenses do not give specific pixels, but the overall pixels are very good, and even the best Huawei camera P40 Pro is comparable. Also, in terms of battery life, Nokia is even more expensive this time. The large 5700 mAh battery will not cause any problems even after heavy use for a whole day. These parameters currently only exist in the concept phone, but I believe that Nokia will be able to build this phone soon. 

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