Vivo X60 leaked, center digging hole +120Hz screen


Vivo is a very consumer-recognized smartphone brand. In recent years, in response to market positioning and industry trends, Vivo has made many product lines and functional upgrades. At the same time, it has launched a new sub-brand IQOO, which is very cost-effective and improves Battery life and gaming experience and has become the main choice for many young consumers to purchase.

It can be said that Vivo has made a lot of leadership in the domestic and foreign smartphone market in the past few years, from the initial fingerprint unlocking under the display screen to the new pop-up full-screen vivo NEX series. Every time, Vivo targets product standards and industry trends. It is very bold, committed to creating a good user experience, and leading the industry trend.

IQOO has now become a recognized flagship smartphone for gaming. Its appearance design incorporates many e-sports design elements. The hardware configuration is also in line with the mainstream flagships in the industry. At the same time, it has added a carbon fiber body and a global liquid cooling module to create a better Game interactive experience, which is very critical for game lovers.

Although Vivo has been very effective in laying the ultimate cost-effective product line, in this process, Vivo has never forgotten its main product marketing trend and product line. Recently, the industry has exposed a lot of news about Vivo X60. This will be A brand-new design flagship machine with a thin and light experience. The real spy photos of the Vivo X60 have been exposed. There is no real full-screen design on the front, but the position of the hole has been moved to the middle. The overall display effect is more coordinated. The design is very similar to the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series but comprehensive From the perspective of Vivo’s craftsmanship and design style, a more rounded body will feel better.

In terms of hardware, the Vivo X60 is likely to be equipped with the mid-range performance Snapdragon 765 G, and it is also a familiar layout scheme. This configuration is basically the standard of the mid-range phone, but the appearance of the real phone will be sincere, not only With the high appearance, the Vivo X60 will also bring more novelty to the body color and detail polishing.

Finally, the Vivo X60 series will also use a brand-new OLED display that supports a refresh rate above 120Hz. The system fluency is absolutely nothing to say. In terms of fast charging, the high standard above 65W is solid. If you are pursuing performance The higher one, the Pro version is worth looking forward to!

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