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The best & worst Apple iPhones of all time – From Apple Rokr E1 to iPhone 14


It has been 15 years since the birth of the Apple iPhone, and the latest generation of models has arrived in the iPhone 14 series. Many Apple fans have used several iPhones. Which iPhone do you think is the best? Some international media have given the 10 best and worst iPhones in Apple’s history, let’s take a look together.

Let’s start with the best iPhones of all time

best iPhone list

iPhone 3G/3GS

iPhone 3G is the second-generation iPhone. The mobile phone has added a 3G network, GPS positioning, etc., and can also send and receive emails. In addition, the iPhone 3G also had a built-in App Store for the first time, making it the first truly “practical” iPhone. The 3GS has enhanced battery life, camera pixels, and so on.

iPhone 4S

There is no doubt that the iPhone 4s is one of the most classic iPhone phones, and it is also recognized as one of the most popular iPhone phones. So far, there must be people using the iPhone 4s. At that time, most mobile phones used plastic bodies, but the metal + glass body of the iPhone 4s was unique. With a thickness of 9.3 mm, it also made it the thinnest mobile phone at the time. In addition, there are Retina screens and dual-core A5 processors, which beat other mobile phones at the same time.

iPhone 6S & 6S Plus

The iPhone 6s series is also one of the most popular mobile phones in the history of the iPhone, and one of Apple’s best-selling series, with a cumulative sales volume of 120 million units. The iPhone 6S is also known as the magic phone of the iPhone generation. There are still many iPhone 6S nail households. The iPhone 6S processor is upgraded to the A9 processor, which is the first 2G storage phone for the iPhone and uses NVMe flash memory for the first time.

iPhone X

iPhone X is Apple’s first notch mobile phone, and it was also the world’s first at that time. In addition, Apple also changed the original classic Touch ID design to Face ID. The iPhone X was also controversial at the time, but now it has become a well-received design. Not only that, but iPhone X is also Apple’s first mobile phone with an OLED screen, with a contrast ratio of up to 1,000,000:1, and a wide color gamut display, and the screen quality is very good; coupled with the latest A11 processor at that time, the performance is also very powerful.

iPhone 4 Pro/Pro Max

The inclusion of the iPhone 14 Pro series on the list may cause some controversy. However, the upgrade of the iPhone 14 Pro this time is also relatively large, using a new pill-shaped perforated screen, coupled with the smart island function design; and upgraded to a 48-megapixel camera and an Apple A16 processor.

Let’s take a look at the next 5 worst iPhones

worst iPhone list

Apple Rokr E1

Many Apple fans may not know this phone, but it can be said that it is Apple’s black history phone. Rokr E1 was launched before Apple released the iPhone series. It was jointly produced by Apple and Motorola. It is also the world’s first mobile phone with a built-in iTunes listening interface, but it is not a smartphone. Due to its unknown positioning, low built-in storage, and poor market response, this phone is known as a failure of Apple.

iPhone 4

For the first time, the iPhone 4 adopts a right-angle metal frame design, which can be said to be a very classic design of the iPhone. However, the “antenna gate” incident occurred on the iPhone 4 at that time. Due to design flaws, when the user held the iPhone 4 tightly, the signal of the mobile network would completely decay within a few minutes to a level where calls could not be made.

iPhone 5C

The iPhone 5C was rated as poor among the poor. Although the shell of the plastic body has created a precedent for the iPhone to have a variety of body colors to choose from. However, the old hardware, cheap appearance, and not cheap pricing, have been regarded as tasteless by Apple in less than a year.

iPhone 6/Plus

Like the iPhone 4, the iPhone 6/Plus had an unseen incident. The iPhone 6/6 Plus claims to use 6000-series aluminum to make the fuselage, but the fuselage bends after being squeezed to a normal degree. News media described it as an “Unseen” incident at the time. Users usually use it daily, for example, accidentally put the iPhone 6/6 Plus in the back pocket, and then sit down, the aluminum metal body will be bent immediately, and even the screen will be broken and damaged. Some people even tried it with bare hands, and it is enough to bend the iPhone 6/6 Plus body.

iPhone SE

Although the iPhone SE has successfully opened up the affordable mobile phone market for Apple, foreign media believe that the iPhone SE lacks innovation. In addition, the sales of the iPhone SE are actually not ideal, which can also be seen in the iPhone SE2 and iPhone SE3.

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