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Why Apple CEO Tim Cook said iOS is 47 times safer than Android?


Apple mobile phones have always advertised safety and smoothness, attracting fans with a closed iOS ecosystem. At the same time, they ridiculed the lack of security of the Android system and satirized that Android products are inferior to the iPhone in privacy protection. According to Phone Arena reports, Apple CEO Tim Cook recently participated in an event, publicly mocking the lack of security of the Android system, and the number of malware on Android phones is 47 times that of Apple’s iOS system. Cook proudly said: that iOS can open the gap dozens of times with Android. The reason is that Apple iOS has only one “APP Store (application download market)”. All applications must be strictly reviewed before entering the store. It has been for decades. Pay attention to privacy protection, this is the ability that Android can’t do.


The Android system is inherently open source. Although the domestic customized system will have its own “app store”, it will not force users to install the software in the app store. Users can download and install the software by themselves through browsers, sharing with friends, etc. Android and iOS have their pros and cons, each of which is a decision made by the manufacturer after careful consideration. It is difficult to say which one is better.

For example, Android users can download a large number of applications, only you can’t think of, there is no software that you can’t find, which greatly enriches the user experience. At the same time, there is a high risk. The software downloaded by users in unknown ways may contain malicious viruses, which may affect the speed of mobile phones, and may cause the risk of fund leakage. The closed iOS environment ensures application security, which greatly reduces privacy and fund leakage. It may be possible, but it will also cause a lack of user experience. Certain software downloads require high fees, and even the costs incurred during use are more expensive than Android, such as taxi software, takeaway software, ticketing software, games, etc. Will be higher than Android.

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Of course, Android has been working hard to improve security and privacy protection capabilities. Most domestic customized Android systems will prompt users when they install third-party software. It is recommended that users install and use them through the official application store. The security and privacy of customized systems such as MIUI and Fly Me are in the leading position in the industry, and can even lead Apple’s iOS for about half a year. The privacy content of user location, call, clipboard, camera, recording, etc. is strengthened, and to a certain extent, Android and iOS are provided. Upgrade to provide inspiration reference.

In addition to Android and iOS, the Hongmeng operating system has become a force that cannot be ignored. It is expected that the number of Harmony systems to be upgraded will exceed 100 million during the year. Harmony system privacy protection proposes its own solution. The built-in “pure mode” prohibits downloading and installation of third-party software, creating a closed ecosystem similar to the iOS system. However, because the Hongmeng system is just starting to be compatible with Android applications, the “pure mode” is not mandatory. , But it also provides users with more options.

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