How to charge your smartphone safely so that it can last long?

The basic composition of a mobile phone battery:

First of all, let’s take a look at the composition of mobile phone batteries. The composition of mobile phone batteries can be divided into two parts. The first part is the battery cell. Now, most mobile phones use lithium polymer batteries, which are similar to lithium polymer batteries in basic characteristics. Ion batteries are the same, but they are less restricted in shape and can be customized according to the needs of manufacturers. They are very suitable for use in mobile phones with limited space. In addition to the battery cell, another component of the mobile phone battery is the control IC. This control IC is mainly used to monitor the state of the battery, protect the battery, and control the charging and discharging of the battery. Generally speaking, it is a high-quality control. IC can reduce unnecessary loss of the battery core, and promote the extension of the battery life.

Mobile phone battery life calculation:

How is the battery life of a mobile phone calculated? Some say it is calculated by time, just like the shelf life of food; it is also said that it is calculated by the number of recharges. The more recharges, the shorter the life. In fact, although these two statements are reasonable, they are not completely correct. In fact, the battery life of mobile phones is calculated according to the “number of cycles”. Generally, there is no obvious performance loss for batteries within the rated number of cycles. General mobile phone batteries are rated for 500 cycles, and the better quality can reach 1000 cycles. However, most of these batteries are used in higher-end products. Most mainstream mobile phones use batteries that are rated for 500 cycles. You can use the software to check the battery charge times, but there is a certain discrepancy between this value and the actual cycle times, which is for reference only

This “number of cycles” can also be called “the number of charge and discharge”, but its calculation method is not simply “plugin and charges it once”, but “cumulative full charge + cumulative full discharge” is only one cycle, so in fact, You need to go through many charging and discharging operations before the battery of the mobile phone really completes a charging cycle. Generally speaking, based on the normal use of the mobile phone and one charge per day, the 500-cycle cycle is no problem in two years. After the rated number of cycles is used up, the mobile phone battery does not hang up immediately. In fact, the user can continue to use it, but the battery capacity will rapidly decrease as the number of cycles continues to increase. At this time, you should feel the phone The battery life is not as good as before. At this time, we must consider whether to charge the battery of the mobile phone or even change the mobile phone.

Charging process of mobile phone battery:

The charging process of the mobile phone battery is actually the charging process of the inner polymer battery, that is, the charging process of the lithium battery. We can divide it into four stages, namely trickle charging, constant current charging, constant voltage charging, and charging termination. To achieve these charging processes, in addition to the corresponding support provided by the mobile phone itself, the cooperation of the charger is also very important. The basic requirements of mobile phone battery chargers provide specific charging current and charging voltage. In addition, it should also have auxiliary functions such as battery voltage detection, input current limit, the shutdown of the charger after charging, and automatic start of charging after the battery is partially discharged. Although these parts of the circuit are basically integrated into the charging circuit of the mobile phone, they are still part of the charger in a strict sense.

The charging of the mobile phone battery is completed by a special control circuit and the charger cooperated with each other. When we connect the mobile phone and the charger through the data cable, the control circuit will determine whether the mobile phone battery is completely discharged and whether it needs to be trickle charged. . Trickle charging is also called restorative charging. Generally speaking, only fully discharged batteries need to be carried out. The judgment criterion is that the battery output voltage is lower than a specified value, and the charging current during trickle charging is only about one-tenth of that of normal charging. The battery will enter the normal charging state after the battery voltage reaches the specified value. The normal charging state generally has two stages. One is constant current charging when the battery is low. At this time, the current input to the mobile phone battery is the largest during the entire charging process, and it is the time when the battery power rises most rapidly. The voltage of the mobile phone battery It also continues to increase as the charging time increases until it reaches the specified value, and then enters the second stage of normal charging, which is constant voltage charging.

Constant voltage charging refers to maintaining the battery voltage of the mobile phone and continuing to the input current. However, since the battery power of the mobile phone is already saturated at this time, the input current will gradually decrease with the charging time, and the charging circuit will be lower than the specified value. It will be determined that the mobile phone battery is fully charged, and the charging circuit is cut off at this time, and the charging is terminated. When the charging is terminated, the mobile phone battery starts to discharge. If the player unplugs the data cable, the mobile phone battery enters normal use; if the charger and data cable is not disconnected, the mobile phone battery will still discharge slowly until the output voltage is lower than the specified value, The charging circuit is turned on again, and the mobile phone battery enters the charging state again.

Does the phone battery need to be activated?

We have just seen some information about cell phone battery composition, life calculation method, and charging process. Now let’s look at some more practical things, that is, “battery activation” that many mobile phone vendors will mention. So does the mobile phone battery really need to be activated? The answer is yes, but this step does not require user operation. In fact, any mobile phone battery has been activated before leaving the factory. That is to say, the mobile phone battery is already in normal working condition when the consumer gets it, and does not need to be activated at all. So why is there still such a saying among mobile phone merchants and even players? In fact, this habit is left over from the early rechargeable batteries. The early rechargeable batteries such as nickel-cadmium rechargeable batteries are indeed not fully activated when they leave the factory. It requires the user to use multiple times to achieve the maximum activity and perform the best state, and this recharge There is no control circuit inside the battery, and it can be activated by using an ordinary charger, and the operation is relatively simple. However, the mobile phone battery uses a lithium battery with a complete control circuit inside. The general mobile phone charger cannot meet the conditions for activating the lithium battery at all. Therefore, when the mobile phone battery leaves the factory, the manufacturer has already done the activation work for everyone. Those so-called “correct use of posture” are just useless work, basically just a psychological effect.

Do the mobile phone batteries need to be used up and recharged?

We can see that many players like to use their mobile phones until the battery is low or even automatically shut down before charging. They think that this can extend the life of the mobile phone battery. In fact, this is incorrect, or it is not for lithium batteries. correct. This usage habit is actually a leftover from the early rechargeable batteries. The early rechargeable batteries represented by nickel-cadmium rechargeable batteries have a “memory effect”. If you do not use up the battery and charge it, then the remaining power in this part is very likely You cannot continue to use it. The essence of this problem is caused by the crystallization of the internal materials of the battery. To reduce the memory effect, the battery must be used up before charging, and the rechargeable battery must be fully and deeply charged and discharged regularly.

However, the mobile phone battery is a lithium battery, and there is no memory effect at all, so the previous set of methods is not feasible for lithium batteries. Moreover, the most taboo of lithium batteries are deep discharge, which will greatly reduce the activity of its internal materials but will cause irreversible damage to the lithium battery and accelerate its loss. Therefore, the mobile phone battery does not need to be used up and recharged.

Is there anything wrong with charging the phone all night?

The battery life of a mobile phone is calculated based on the number of cycles, so some players believe that charging the phone overnight will accelerate its consumption of cycles. Strictly speaking, this statement is not wrong, but the actual impact is not as serious as everyone thought. From the charging process of the mobile phone battery, we can see that the charging circuit will be automatically cut off after the charging is completed, and the mobile phone battery will no longer be charged. It will not be recharged until the voltage of the mobile phone battery drops to a specified value. At present, after most mobile phones have completed charging the battery, if the player does not disconnect the charger and data cable, the power supply of the mobile phone will be switched from the battery to the external power supply. Therefore, the battery is actually in a self-discharge state. The discharge is very slow, and basically, the discharge over the whole night may not necessarily reactivate the charge. Therefore, overnight charging has little effect on the mobile phone battery, almost negligible. However, from a safety point of view, we do not recommend this. After all, this “does not affect” is based on the premise that the phone is fully functional. If there is a problem with the battery control circuit and the charging is not cut off, then the phone battery is likely to be Into the overcharged state, and even burn out.

Is it safe to play with the phone while charging?

Many players like to charge while playing with their mobile phones. In terms of the charging control of most mobile phones, this is not a big problem, because, during the charging process, the battery of the mobile phone is not discharged while charging, but the battery of the mobile phone is charged slowly. The mobile phone is continuously powered. In other words, the charging and discharging of the mobile phone battery are separate and not performed at the same time. Therefore, charging while playing with the mobile phone will not affect the battery life of the mobile phone.

However, this approach will put the mobile phone battery in a relatively unfavorable charging environment. After all, playing with the mobile phone will bring the extra temperature to the charging environment of the mobile phone battery, and the charging of the mobile phone battery itself will also generate a certain amount of heat, which will further accumulate. Affect the charging environment and charging quality of the mobile phone battery, but also affect your experience. In addition, in this environment, the charging current of mobile phone batteries is generally relatively low, so the charging speed will be relatively slow or even stagnant. The current output by some chargers may not meet the power consumption of the machine itself, and additional supplementation of the mobile phone battery may be required. At this time, we can see the “the more the battery is charged, the less” the situation.

So what is the correct way to use mobile phone batteries?

Based on the above content, we can draw the following conclusions: mobile phone batteries based on lithium batteries or lithium polymer batteries do not require the user to activate operations, and do not need to run out of power to recharge, charge overnight, and play with the phone while charging. Although it is not a very good habit, the impact on the battery of mobile phones is not as great as the legend, and occasionally such a situation will not greatly reduce the battery life of mobile phones.

So how should cell phone batteries be used? We think that the four words “use and charge” can explain it well. As long as there are conditions, we can plug the mobile phone into a charger or mobile power supply to charge, and maintain the power at about 40% to 80% during daily use. When charging, use the standard charger and data cable as much as possible, or use a third-party charger, data cable, or mobile power supply that meets relevant standards and good quality, so as to further ensure the safety of the mobile phone battery. In addition, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, WiFi, and other connection functions can be turned off when not in use. Programs that are not frequently used should not be loaded into the self-starting project, and frequently used programs should be resident in memory. Repeated loading of the program will also consume System resources, and cause additional phone power consumption. If you find that the battery display is inaccurate or the battery display is very different from the actual battery life, you can try to perform the battery display correction operation. If this problem still exists, it means that your phone battery may have a problem or its life is exhausted. It is time Replaced.