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Fans should all know that Apple’s one-week developer conference has ended. At the press conference, we learned a lot about the iOS 15 system upgrade. We tried the beta version and found the easter eggs of Apple’s new system, which supports cross-application dragging. File and image function. This easter egg did not appear at the WWDC meeting, but it cannot be denied that it is a very useful feature. Apple’s official website also made a feature introduction, we can drag and drop images, files, and texts between iPhone applications. But having said that, although the iPhone 6s can be upgraded to iOS 15, the new features on iOS 15 are almost not supported by the iPhone 6s, not just the 6s, most of the new features of iOS 15 can even be said to have eliminated most of the old models.

For the old iPhone models, the hardware configuration has been determined after leaving the factory. Some new features of the iOS 15 system may not support your iPhone. For example, these new features of the iOS 15 system are specially prepared for the iPhone 12.

Panoramic photo function: Panoramic photos have improved geometric distortion to better capture moving subjects while reducing image noise.

Enhancing 5G connectivity: The iOS15 system upgrade update enhances the 5G connection, the 5G connection speed is faster, and the application experience is improved.

ios 15
iOS 15

5G takes precedence over WiFi: iPhone 12 series mobile phones are Apple’s first 5G version of iPhone mobile phones. After the iOS 15 system is upgraded and updated, when the WIFI connection speed is slow, it will automatically switch to 5G Internet access. In addition, there are small functions such as wallet electronic key and local voice processing, which also require A12 and above devices to use.

In other words, even if iOS 15 supports old devices such as the iPhone 6S, none of the above new functions can be used. Even for devices like the iPhone X that do not seem to be outdated, there are a lot of functions that cannot be used. So even if some old devices are upgraded to iOS 15, they can’t feel anything special, no wonder they are called iOS 14.8. It is not difficult to see that Apple is quite routine. Although iOS 15 supports the upgrade of many old device models, there are not many new functions used after the upgrade of old devices. Especially the iPhone 6s series models are completely upgraded. Is this also phasing out some users of old models in disguise?

First, find the iOS 14.6 firmware in the computer browser, then select the model and download the corresponding firmware to the computer. After the firmware download is complete, open the iTunes application and connect the iPhone to the computer via a data cable. Then, in the device information interface of iTunes, hold down the Option key and click the Restore iPhone button. It is worth noting that Windows system computers can also perform downgrade operations, as long as the Option key is replaced with Shift to perform the above operations. After completing the above operations, in the file selection window that pops up, then select the previously downloaded system firmware, and finally click Restore to erase all content in the device and install the iOS 14.6 system.

If you feel that the steps to downgrade iTunes are cumbersome, you can also choose Aisi Assistant to downgrade. Open Aisi Assistant, enter the flash jailbreak, then enter the one-key flash, select the iOS 14.6 system version, and finally click Flash to complete. Note here, do not choose to keep the user data to flash, otherwise, there will be a problem of flashing failure. Then, how to solve the loss of files after the system is downgraded. This involves another important issue, backup before downgrading. Since all user data will be erased during the downgrade process, you must back up all the data before downgrading the system, and then restore the phone data after the downgrade is complete.

In addition, Apple’s new iOS 15 system is expected to be pushed to iPhone users next month. At that time, you can update the system and try this cross-application drag-and-drop feature that has just been added to iOS 15. Of course, if you want to experience it right now, it is recommended to try it with a spare machine and make sure to make a backup before upgrading. Because if you want to downgrade later, the downgrade will not retain data. Without backup, it will become a “white” apple.

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