Why only Samsung provide S-Pen Stylus?


At present, the only mobile phone with a stylus is Samsung. Samsung’s previous Note series mobile phones will be equipped with S Pen stylus as standard, and Samsung has also given S Pen more and more functions. Since the birth of the Samsung Note series, the stylus has always played a very important role, which also coincides with the business attributes of the Note series. Samsung Note series is the pioneer of large-screen smartphones, and the S-Pen is a major feature of Note, which is very recognizable. Although domestic mobile phones have also launched a lot of Notes, they often only have larger screens and stronger configurations, but they don’t have the soul of Note. Everyone has always spoken highly of the Samsung Note series, and Samsung is also continuing its classics. When it comes to business phones, we can naturally think of the Samsung Note and its pen.

Why don’t other manufacturers’ phones have pens?

The stylus increases the cost, but the return is small. The stylus is indeed a niche demand, even business people may not use it. Samsung’s Note series has been successful, and everyone naturally accepted it, not to mention Samsung itself is expensive. But what about domestic production? The profit of domestic mobile phones is not high, and there is no need to make a “useless” pen, and Apple will not learn from Samsung. And, do you think Samsung’s stylus is as simple as that? The S Pen can only be used on the Samsung Note series because an electromagnetic induction board composed of a “dual digital converter” is added under the OLED screen of the Samsung Note series. Samsung’s S Pen also has 4096-level pressure sensitivity, Bluetooth, and other functions, so Samsung’s pen is not simple, and the cost is very high.

samsung stylus

There is an inch of gold inside the phone, and the stylus increases the difficulty of the design. Due to the development of hardware and technology, as well as the increase in people’s demand, the available space of mobile phone memory has become more and more expensive. You must know that Samsung’s S Pen can be inserted into the fuselage, and can even be charged directly inside, which requires relatively high design requirements for the internal space of the phone.

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