Can Wife Robot do anything for you?


It is said that Japan has produced a robot called the “wife” robot, which can chat with you like a friend, do housework, and spend a long night with you like a wife. Some media even said that wife robot can give birth to children. Not only that, but the media also reported that the price of the wife’s robot is around 14,000 USD (INR 13 Lakhs). Is this true?

Are Wife Robots real?

As early as the last century, human beings have begun to imagine the application of robots. There are “Terminators” in Europe and in the United States, and they believe that the robots of the future are either villains or guardians. But many people believe that robots can accompany humans in the future and provide emotional value and help humans in their work.

That is to say, we began to imagine a long time ago that with the development of science and technology, there will be a robot that can provide emotional value to humans in the future it can be a girlfriend or a wife. But, is this the truth?

In fact, the “wife robot” previously reported by the media is actually the female robot “ERICA” designed by the team of the father of Japanese robots, Ishiguro Hiroshi. Its design concept is not actually “wife”, and it has never been sold to the outside world. The cheapest one costs around 80,000 USD. The robot developed by Hiroshi Ishiguro’s team had a delicate appearance for her at the beginning of the design. It is said that it took a lot of time to design a realistic appearance.

Because of her beautiful appearance, she has attracted much attention in Japan, Europe, and the United States. Many variety shows in Japan have invited her as a guest. She has also served as a weather anchor and participated in activities. Europe and the United States invited her to participate in the movie, playing herself in the movie.

ERICA is not as simple as having a pretty face, as an intelligent interactive robot, she can answer any of your questions and chat with you like a friend. The design team also designed many expressions for the robot. You must know that expressions are also part of language, such as: Do you use a happy smiley attitude to express “yes”? It is obviously a questioning, skeptical attitude, not a certainty.

With the blessing of expressions, many people will mistakenly think that the person talking to them is not a robot, but a real person. In addition, ERICA’s eyes have also been specially designed. It can track the position of the interlocutor, adjust the angle between itself and the interlocutor, and ensure that it can look directly into the eyes of the other party so that the other party can feel that he is talking to a “real person”, rather than being treated like a robot.

At present, ERICA’s expressions and language have been able to withstand the test. If you don’t know that she is a robot, you will even think that you are talking to a real human being. It is precise because ERICA is so real that some people regard it as a “wife robot”. In fact, she can’t do anything that a wife can do.

The advantage of ERICA is dialogue, but the disadvantage is also obvious, that is, her body can’t move, her hands can’t move, and every step of walking needs the help of the staff because she can’t move, she can’t complete the housework, clean the room, or even stand at the door to greet the master when she gets off work, which is far from the “wife robot” boasted on the Internet.

Of course, robots like ERICA are not only researched in Japan. China’s research team has also designed an intelligent robot named “Jiajia”, which is also very sweet, dignified, and atmospheric. It is said that it was selected by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The 6 school beauties designed Jiajia’s appearance according to their appearance.

India also has a robot, but it was not developed by a professional research team, but made by folk enthusiasts. Because of its rough appearance, it has received less attention. But here’s one more thing, this is a robot made by folk enthusiasts with limited cost, and its spirit of exploration is worthy of our study and admiration.

These robots are not “wife robots”. Their common feature is intelligent interaction, but they cannot walk. Although they will improve their walking ability in the future, they are by no means specially designed to satisfy human emotions. “Wife robots”.

Would anyone really marry a robot?

Although no one will deliberately design a “wife robot”, some people will marry a robot as a wife, and even a doll as a wife.

For example, Japanese man Kondo Xianyan is very obsessed with Hatsune Miku, and Hatsune Miku is a virtual idol, not a real person, or even a robot. There are dolls on the market that sell Hatsune Miku, but the dolls are not Hatsune Miku.

The man was so obsessed with Hatsune Miku that he even arranged a special wedding regardless of objection. The protagonists of the wedding were himself and Hatsune Miku. The sense of ceremony that should be in a traditional wedding was not lost at all, and he even went on a honeymoon with Hatsune Miku.

Not only that but also the image of Hatsune Miku in his own home. Kondo Xianhiko and Hatsune Miku eat together every day, listen to music, sleep, etc. In fact, there are many people in Japan who are married to “avatars”, either a doll, an object, or a robot. Kondo Xianhiko attended such a party. In our opinion, his marriage to Hatsune Miku is outrageous, but many people here are married to their beloved avatars or even robots, and they think this is very normal.

It can be seen from the case of Kondo Xianhiko that although we did not specifically design a “wife” robot, if someone is obsessed with the image of a certain robot, they may regard it as a wife, but the current level of science and technology is still not enough. There is no way to make a robot do housework like a wife, it can only be limited to chatting.

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