how to change webp file format to png file

How to Convert WebP to PNG Without Any Hassle? (2023)

No doubt that more and more websites are using WebP images because they come in higher quality but with smaller sizes. They are trendy image formats around the web as it is created by Google. On the other hand, PNG is still indicated as one of the dominant image formats around the internet due to certain reasons. However, webp is not compatible with many browsers and image viewers. That’s the most obvious reason why one needs to replace webp with a more regular image format like PNG. And, humble thanks to this webp to png converter by that takes care of high-quality transformation from webp file into png with no distortion. 

In this informative context, we rounded up a few best ways that allow you to change one or couple of webp files at once into high-quality png images. 


XnConvert is a free online utility that mainly works to read, convert, and edit images in more than 500 file formats. You can find this web-based service available on Windows, Linux, and macOS operating systems. This is one of the best converter sources that is considered for private and educational use. And, if you want to proceed with it for commercial use, you should have to buy its premium plan.

how to convert webp to png on mac

Features With:

  • Allow you to proceed with more than 500 image formats for free
  • Functions to convert images into 70 different image formats
  • Provided you with different setting options for better results
  • Enable batch images conversion
  • Lets you crop, resize, add a watermark/filter, rotate, and more

How to turn WebP to PNG using XnSoft?

  • Grab a copy of XnSoft and install it onto your system
  • Launch it and start adding webp files 
  • Make certain actions to edit the image prior to making webp files to png conversions (optional)
  • Select PNG as the output format from the given options and adjust the settings
  • Click Convert and save the newly converted PNGs


Get the best and full-fledged webp to png converter from the legit source of theonlineconverter that lets you process conversion with advanced settings. It only requires a couple of steps to create a high-quality PNG raster-based image file from an existing Google WebP image. Despite that, it not only assists you to export webp as png but also works to reverse conversion from png to Google webp file. In addition to that, you can convert any compatible file to and from audio, video, document, pdf, image, and eBooks formats for free of cost.

how to convert .webp to png

Features With:

  • Loaded with more than 100 online converters
  • Lets you save webp as png using advanced settings 
  • Free batch images conversions
  • Quality preservation files transformation
  • Complete PDF converter suite 
  • Simple UI and no sign-up and installation process required

How to Convert WebP file to PNG for free with theonlineconverter?

  1. Open the browser and fetch webp to png converter from the source of theonlineconverter
  2. Copy bulk webp files at once and paste them all into the main toolbox and press the Convert button
  3. Download all of the converted PNG images at once with this online tool
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Pixillion Image Converter:

This is referred to as one of the best file converter sources as it entertains you with high-quality image file conversion with no distraction. It is an expert choice program that does not involve huge manual intervention for converting one or more images at once into compatible file formats. You can use this source right now to convert more than 50 image formats including PSD, raw, jpg, ai, png, and more. 

how to change a webp to png

Features With:

  • Allow you to process images conversions for 50+ formats
  • Works to export image files in 20 different image formats
  • Lets you set output file parameters
  • File, rotate, and resize images for free
  • Share images with a single go

How to Convert a WebP file to PNG using Pixillion?

  1. Grab and install the copy of Pixillion Image Convert onto your system
  2. Add Webp files into this tool and choose the output format as PNG with additional settings
  3. Hit the Convert button and then save your webpage as a png 


This webp to png converter allows you to convert webp files from local storage, URL, Dropbox, or Google Drive with no hassle. Also, this online utility provides you with optional settings that let you adjust quality/DPI/color and functions to crop PNG output files. Despite conversion from webp to png, an online-convert web-based application lets you convert documents, audio, video, and other formats for free. 

how to change a webp to png for free

Features With:

  • Lets you process conversions for nearly all popular image formats
  • Export files as different photos and video formats
  • Set different parameters for the output format
  • Batch conversions for free
  • A couple of clicks are required to resize, crop, and enhance images

How to Convert WebP to PNG using Online-Convert?

  1. Open Online-Convert and fetch its webp converter
  2. Then, move to Choose Files option for importing your webp files
  3. Navigate with the additional settings that include enhance, resize, crop, choose quality, and more options)
  4. Click the Start Conversion button to commence the transformation of the file
  5. Download the newly generated PNG images onto your device


As the name reveals that this is a free conversion source, which means you can get webp to png converter online to export webp as png with zero cost. In addition to that, this online utility is loaded with full-fledged video, audio, image, document, and unit converters. This handy source lets you process 20 webp files at once while preserving the original image quality. Besides that, you could make a couple of taps to resize, compress, and adjust the quality of the exported images.

how to change a webp to png for free

Features With:

  • Supports all types of images
  • Works to export images as gif, pdf, bmp, jpg, svg, and more
  • Functions to adjust the advanced settings
  • Lets you compress and resize images
  • Functions to process batch of images
  • Allow you to set the image quality

How to Convert Google WebP to PNG using FreeConvert?

  1. Open webp file to png converter by FreeConvert and start adding your webp files into this tool
  2. Tweak the options by using the given advanced settings
  3. Click the Convert to PNG button and wait for a couple of seconds
  4. Download the converted PNG files


It is another popular online web-based file conversion source that offers free conversion services for audio, video, document, and image files. It is packed with a few simple steps that are quite easy to follow and also provides high-quality conversions without any sign-up.

how to convert webp to png on mac

Features With:

  • Support nearly all popular image formats
  • A wide array of export file types
  • Batch conversions enabled

How to Convert WebP file to PNG using Zamzar?

  1. Open Webp to png converter by Zamzar
  2. Upload files by using Add Files option
  3. In this case, choose PNG as the output format
  4. Click Convert and wait for a while
  5. Then press Download to save webp as png 
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