iOS 15 latest features and updates – How iOS 15 is different from iOS 14


Apple held the 2021 Global Developers Conference WWDC21, which brought the developer previews of iOS15, iPad OS15, macOS Monterey, and WatchOS 8, without any hardware release. There is no major change in the overall style of the iOS15 home screen icons. This time, iOS15 is just some functional enhancements.

At present, the description file of the iOS15 beta version has been released. After installation, the iOS15 beta version can be upgraded. The method of obtaining the beta version description file is shown in the following animation. However, the first beta version of this annual update must have many unstable factors, including freezes, power consumption, and application crashes. It is very likely to affect your normal use, so it is recommended that you use the backup machine to upgrade, the main machine is not recommended to upgrade.FaceTime improvements

FaceTime video calls support spatial audio and microphone modes; support the production of FaceTime call links, which are easy to send to others to join; support the functions of watching, listening together, and sharing screens.

Messages and emoticons

Links, images, and other content shared by friends in the messaging application will appear in the “Shared with you” section of the corresponding application, and you can reply directly from the application. Now you can choose to clothe and use new stickers for the simulacrum. You can also use multi-color headwear, custom cochlear implants, oxygen tubes, and soft helmets; multiple photos in the message will be displayed as collages, which can be swiped through.


Focus mode

You can choose the suggested or create your focus mode, which is the status, which will be displayed in the message to let others know your current status.

New notification center

The notification banner has been redesigned, and the notification App and contact avatars have become larger; the notification priority is intelligently sorted so that we can see important notifications first.


The Safari browser now has a new tab bar. The tab bar has moved to the bottom. You can slide the tab bar left and right to switch web pages. The tab group has also been redesigned and is now more intuitive. Now Safari browsers can also install extension plug-ins, not only iPhone but also Safari in iPad. Now the wallet application can add ID cards (available in some areas), and can also add keys.

Live text

Support photo scanning to recognize text, and you can directly copy text; you can recognize the link in the picture and open it directly, or dial the phone number directly, and send it directly to the email address. You can also directly use the camera to point at the text, and then perform various operations on the recognized text. The text also supports real-time translation in seven different languages.

Picture recognition: Now the iPhone also supports the recognition of pictures, and you can recognize various information in the picture by tapping the picture. 

Spotlight enhancement: Now you can display more information in Spotlight, you can also search for photos in Spotlight, and you can even use real-time text to search based on the text in the photo.

Photo memories

Memories of the photo app have a new interactive, immersive interface, and a new mix of memories that can personalize the look and feel of the story through matching songs and atmosphere. And now you can use Apple Music in your memories. Of course, in addition to the more intuitive update content above, iOS15 also has some improvements in functions such as maps, privacy, health, cloud services, translation, notes, search, widgets, Apple ID, and Siri.

Support models: iOS15 supports the upgrade of the first-generation iPhone SE and above models, that is, devices equipped with A9 processors and above can upgrade to iOS15.

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