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What’s new in Windows 11 – Microsoft Windows 11 leaks


At the beginning of June, Microsoft announced that it would hold an event on June 24 to announce the “next generation of Windows”, that is, windows 11. But Microsoft has not announced the name of the new version yet, let’s call it Windows 11. It is said that Windows 11 is a lightweight version that completely changes the user experience of Windows.

Let’s take a look at what has changed:

1. Brand new icon.

2. Brand new start menu.

3. Brand new user interface.

4. May be added to app stores like Apple and Android mobile phone systems.

5. Maybe a built-in Android emulator so that Windows can support Android App! Put the Android app in the Windows app store. It may be a cross-platform system that supports the interconnection of multiple devices.

Is it a micro-kernel, cross-platform, compatible with Android, and the sense of sight of the distributed Hongmeng operating system?

What are the main changes?

1. Brand new start menu and icon interface:

The new version of the start menu will consist of the original start menu plus full-screen or half-screen application icons, which is similar to the traditional start menu plus the old version of Windows 10 with a large blue background full-screen small icon that is very unsuitable! Fortunately, the background of the new version is frosted glass translucent.

2. New App Store:

In terms of cornucopia such as the Apple App Store and Google Play, the old people have long wanted to do it, you think, control the software entrance, control the right to speak, and have high commissions, and unified software standards to improve user experience, How can such a good thing miss me Microsoft?

It’s a pity that no one bought the Windows 10 application store before the old soft. Now it is half dead. Maybe I don’t say that many people don’t know that Microsoft’s Windows 10 system has an application store, and there is a Western English name Microsoft store. The new version will have a brand-new application store, and will gradually unify software standards, reduce access qualifications, and significantly reduce the percentage of Microsoft’s software drawn! Integrate UWP applications added to Windows 10 Mobile to allow more creators to participate and gain benefits!

Microsoft is in the next big game, and once again wants to make a difference on the mobile platform. But I want to say that the lack of improvement and the gradual decline of the Windows Phone system is not just a problem of system ecology. The Windows Phone system on Rockia phones in the early years is still very exciting! Although there was not much available software at the time, there were many people who couldn’t stand the early adopters, and it was still popular for a while. At one time, it was called the three major operating systems of mobile phones with Apple and Android, accounting for more than single digits. After all, it is produced by Microsoft.

But the terrible system experience, Microsoft’s own way of life (there is no listening to the user experience sound) rhythm, and the lack of system ecology together killed him. If the new version of the ambitious multi-platform system still follows the old path of Microsoft, it will not get through. But I’m also worried about it, so I’m still waiting for my mate 20 to update Harmony. After all, Microsoft has really unified the app store. When Windows 10 was released six years ago, Microsoft announced with a high profile that this would be the last version of Windows. I don’t know how to name the new version after it came out.

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