Is iPhone XR has a strong and long lasting Battery?

According to my personal experience, the battery life of the iPhone XR is medium in Apple phones but weak in Android! Switching from 8 to XR, I feel that the battery life is much better than that of 8. IPhone11, 11Pro, and ProMAX have not been used, but according to the official data, the batteries of 11 and 11Pro are about 3,000 mAh, and the battery life is not different from XR. Too big, so the battery life is medium. Compared with Android, it is weaker. Compared with the Honor 20S I have used, the battery life of the iPhone XR is worse. Look at the configuration. In fact, it can also be seen from the configuration that the battery life of the XR is better than that of the 8. iPhone XR uses a 7nm process A12 processor with a 2942 mAh battery. The A12 is Apple’s first-generation bionic processor. In terms of power consumption, it is much less than the 8’s A11, and the battery capacity is nearly greater. One thousand milliamperes, longer battery life is also reasonable.
Actual experience. I used the 8 before. In fact, the 8 is quite smooth, but I prefer to play games. Then I feel that the 8’s 4.7-inch screen is too small, it looks tired, and I often make mistakes, especially When playing chicken, I believe many friends have the same experience as me. IPhone8 uses the A11+1812 mAh battery, and the A11 uses a 10nm process. The battery capacity is a bit shabby. Although you have optimized it well, it is still not as good as a large battery. After that, I felt that I couldn’t stand it, so I switched to XR. From 8 to XR, I can obviously feel that battery life has improved a lot. I feel that it can be used for more than two hours in daily use. If you are playing games, you usually use 8 to play the game and feel like it will be charged in about 3 hours. After switching to XR, you can play for about 4 hours. This battery life is still good.
In fact, this comparison doesn’t make much sense, because Android and Apple definitely have advantages in battery life. After all, the large battery capacity is there. I bought the Honor 20S for my mother to use, and I played it for a week or two before sending it back. Comparing iPhone XR and Honor 20S, I feel that Honor 20S can last more than two hours of battery life than XR. This is normal. The battery life of Honor 20S is better than that of the iPhone 11 Pro max, and 11Promax has one more battery life than XR. hour. IPhoneXR’s battery life is not as good as XR except that 11Pro and 11Promax are better than its battery life in Apple mobile phones, but XR’s battery life is still very weak compared to Android. But people who buy Apple generally only consider its battery life compared to the previous generation, and generally do not compare it with Android. If you are a fan, the battery life of XR is good; if you care about battery life lower than Android, then you still don’t want to buy an Apple phone, I suggest you buy an Android.
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