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New Screen technology for smartphones is yet to be released with amazing features


We all know that many mobile phone users are beginning to pursue a screen-to-body ratio, and the definition of the full screen has begun to appear on major mobile phones. But while paying attention to full screen, you may have to sacrifice a lot of mobile phone functions. The first is fingerprint recognition. In the beginning, most of the full-screen mobile phones used rear or side fingerprints to unlock, so Vivo took the lead in introducing optical screen fingerprints.

There are also earpieces and various sensors. Later, solutions such as screen sound and under-screen sensors also appeared, but this front camera alone is not so easy to solve. From the initial “sandwich biscuit” design to the notch screen and the water drop screen to the hole-digging screen, and then to the lifting camera, the manufacturers have almost tried their best. Up to now, perhaps the most surprising thing is the lifting camera launched by Vivo and the under-screen lens technology released by ZTE not long ago.

However, the lifting camera is inevitably the increase in the thickness of the mobile phone, and the under-screen lens technology is due to technology. It can’t be regarded as absolute maturity, and it has only appeared on ZTE’s mobile phones.

Therefore, more manufacturers will choose to increase the screen-to-body ratio as much as possible in the form of a digging lens, that is, adjusting the size of the front camera. In the current OLED screen camp, the Vivo S5 should be said to have the smallest digging size, Only 2.98mm. In the LCD screen camp, Xiaomi’s Redmi K30S is even more compressed to 3.8mm. The overall look can be said to be more beautiful.

In this era of pursuit of a screen-to-body ratio, Xiaomi’s answer sheet is quite comparable. It’s great, and those of us who are “LCDs are never slaves” finally no longer envy the screen-to-body ratio of the OLED next door, and the choice between LCD and OLED is also the most concerned point throughout the ages. Of course, in addition to the size of the hole, this Redmi K30S can be regarded as the most popular LCD screen mobile phone in the second half of this year in all aspects of mobile phone configuration.

The first is equipped with a 6.67-inch LCD single-hole screen with a refresh rate of 144Hz. Among current mobile phones, Xiaomi’s 144Hz can be said to be the most engaged, and it is smoother to use. For example, when playing the king, everyone knows that skill release speed is very important. In high-end rounds, hand speed issues often affect the game. But if it is a 144Hz high brush blessing, the character action feedback will be more natural, the operation will be smoother, and the release of skills will be more smooth. In addition, not only is 144Hz very fragrant, but Xiaomi also pioneered 7 different gear technologies, which can adjust the full-scene adaptive dynamic frame rate.

It can display smoothly at 144Hz when sliding the screen, and the static picture will instantly switch to 50Hz. It can even display content up to 11Hz, which greatly reduces power consumption. When it comes to power consumption, with the current blessings of 5G and high-brush technologies, power consumption will be even faster. In addition to saving power in various technologies, the Redmi K30S also directly carries a large battery of up to 5000mAh. To increase the battery life of the mobile phone, it is measured that one hour of eating chicken consumes 13% of electricity, and one hour of playing the king consumes 12% of electricity.

However, based on these two points alone, its true fragrance is not so high, but after reading the price, it is one of the most worthwhile phones in the second half of the year. The lowest price can reach 2299, plus various flagships. The configuration of the machine is properly equipped with high and low prices! The combination of Snapdragon 865 + LPDDR5 memory + UFS 3.1 flash memory can meet various scenarios in life, and the dual speakers, X-axis horizontal linear motor, NFC, infrared remote control, and other equipment are all available. In the details, Xiaomi This Redmi K30S also earned a lot of points.

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