Telsa has developed a battery that is very much cheaper & more powerful than other batteries


As a world-class electric car giant, Tesla always keeps people sleepless every time a new car is released, and every time a new technology appears, it can always lead mankind. As a veteran fan, your cheapest car will sell for more than $14,000. How can you make us fans feel so embarrassed?

It is expensive and has its advantages. Tesla is indeed the world’s top in driving and performance. However, Tesla has been very abnormal recently. It has launched an electric car that has shaken the entire industry circle. This model only costs 25,000 US dollars, which is only $12,000, which instantly doubles the pressure on domestic electric car companies. And this time Tesla can have such a big breakthrough, from the innovation of battery technology.

It is said that they have mastered a new battery production technology, which can not only greatly reduce costs but also have higher efficiency. With the same size, it can accommodate more batteries and have a longer battery life. The R&D staff said that there will be several key issues that affect the performance of the battery, such as battery cell design, battery cell manufacturing, and vehicle integration.

Tesla introduced an innovative solution for non-ear batteries. Simply put, it uses laser technology to remove the protruding part of the original battery, causing the electric coating to be connected to the battery end cover, shortening the current distance and reducing The internal resistance. Therefore, this directly causes the density of the battery to increase by 5 times, and the power is 6 times that of traditional batteries.


Moreover, this technology has four additional advantages:

1. Since the outermost layer of the battery is removed, the heat generation is reduced, the production process is simplified, and the cost is reduced. The original battery price of 1,000 watts has been reduced by $100.

2. Cobalt is an important material for lithium batteries, and its cost is extremely high, this new technology reduces the amount of cobalt used, thereby reducing the cost.

3. As the volume of a single battery becomes smaller, more batteries can be accommodated in the same volume, thereby increasing the cruising range.

4. The rear end of the new battery adopts one-piece molding technology, which reduces the use of parts, which reduces the cost of each vehicle by 40%.

Precisely because there are so many advantages. It has reduced the price of each Tesla by almost 6,000 USD This also means that domestic electric vehicle companies have new challenges.

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