Top 10 features which will be coming in the Latest version of Android


After the launch of Apple iOS 14, it has become easier to manage App icons, plug-ins make the interface more convenient and familiar, notifications are no longer so annoying, the map App has improved, the new translation App is approachable, App Clips are worthy of praise, and users can finally choose the default Browser and mail App. As for the shortcomings, only a few third-party apps support new features, such as App Clips, Picture-in-Picture, and plug-ins; the translation App supports not enough languages; CarKey is not compatible with cars. The iOS interface has not changed much over the years, and the changes brought by iOS 14 are obvious. Looking at Android 11 again, it has enhanced security and App privacy functions and improved information functions. We can record directly from the Android screen and encode it into multiple formats, making it easier to control smart homes, with more hardware options, and 5G support. Android 11 also has some disappointments. For example, compared with iOS, Android 11 has compatibility issues and does not have so good coordination with the desktop and wearable ecosystem. Generally speaking, the changes brought by Android 11 are not that big, but it is indeed more convenient to use after the upgrade. The year is almost over again, let’s predict next year and see what changes will happen to Android next year.

1. Market share drops first and then rises:

The iPhone 12 is a big success. Android’s market share will drop to 70%, or even lower. Android’s share has not been lower than 70% before. This is the first time. The selling of iPhones in the United States will affect Android’s global share. But don’t worry, the decline in Android’s share is only temporary. When Google launches Pixel 6, Samsung and other companies launch new flagships, Android’s share will rise, and may even exceed 75%.

2. Google Pixel 6 will restore the Pixel’s flagship status:

Compared to Pixel 4, the new Pixel 5 phone does make progress in many places. But it’s a pity that the Pixel 5’s CPU is mediocre. Google seems to be learning from its mistakes. The reason for choosing a CPU with poor performance is mainly to extend the battery life. When Pixel 6 is launched next year, it should be a very good flagship phone. why? Because Google has solved the battery life problem, Pixel 6 will most likely be equipped with a flagship CPU (perhaps Snapdragon 775G), and the design will be more exquisite.

3. 5G becomes standard:

Many large cities already have 5G networks. By the end of 2021, some medium or smaller markets will also have 5G. This is not the point we want to talk about. The point is that almost all Android devices will support 5G by the end of next year, and the functions of the devices will be more advanced. In the next few years, many Android IoT devices will embrace 5G.

4. Microsoft may acquire Nokia’s remaining business and launch a new Android machine:

Nokia recently reached a deal with BT, the largest telecommunications company in the UK, to provide it with equipment. This is big news. Microsoft has acquired part of the business from Nokia, and it may be interested in acquiring the rest of Nokia. Once all Nokia is taken, Microsoft can launch new Android phones and become stronger in the mobile phone market. It can be seen from Surface Duo that Microsoft is capable of developing Android phones, but the market Duo targets are too small. To solve this problem, Microsoft will launch a more standard mobile phone.

5. Samsung camera performance surpasses Google Pixel:

In the past period of time, the shooting performance of Samsung cameras has been moving closer to Pixel. In the past few generations of Pixel phones, Google insisted on using the same sensors. They were indeed very advanced back then, but now they are slowly getting older. When Samsung launches next-generation devices, camera performance may surpass Pixel. However, Samsung’s surpass will not last long. When Pixel 6 is launched, Google may once again become the number one in the Android camp.

6. Pixel Watch is born:

We have been looking forward to it, and we hope that Google will launch the Pixel Watch. Maybe it will be seen in 2021. In the past few years, Wear OS has made significant progress. I hope Google will launch Pixel Watch as soon as possible to convince Android fans that wearable devices are a necessity. Pixel Watch may be an elegant and powerful watch with excellent battery life. Maybe Google will launch Pixel 6 and Pixel watches at the same time. By then, if users buy both watches and mobile phones, Google can offer discounts, which can attract many users.

7. Android updates will become smoother:

Once upon a time, upgrading the Android OS was simply a nightmare. We are talking about operating system updates here. With Android 12, third-party updates to Android will become smoother. In other words, even if it is not a Pixel phone, other phones can be upgraded to the new system earlier.

8. Use AI to enhance contact tracking:

Android has introduced contact tracing. But if you want to use this feature, you must install a third-party App. It is believed that by the end of 2021, using the Android contact tracking function will no longer need to rely on every third party App. Not only that, but Google may also use AI to enhance the contact tracking function, it will become more effective and smarter.

9. Enhanced cloud backup user management:

If you have used the Android cloud backup service, you will find that its functions are very limited, and you can only use it when you buy a new phone or restore an existing phone to factory settings. Don’t get me wrong, this function is very good, but the user management function of Android Cloud Backup is too general. For example, if you want to specify a specific directory or App and back it up, or you want to download specific backup data, can you do it? Yes, but it is difficult. When Android 12 is launched, I believe Google will give users more management rights.

10. Gesture navigation enhancement:

Compared with traditional UI navigation, gesture navigation is more effective and more pleasant. But Android gesture navigation is not perfect. When Google launches Android 12, gesture navigation should improve. We hope that by then Google will pay attention to App switching gestures.

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