Apple iPhone price drop: Get the Apple smartphone for as low as Rs …

Apple is a well-known brand. As we all know, it is very difficult to reduce the price of Apple’s products. In the past, Apple has never participated in various domestic shopping festivals. I have to say that as the market does not change, the biggest brands also need to change due to market changes. In addition, the mobile phone industry has been so intense in recent years that many small brands have closed down or merged into big brands. In the past, Apple, which was at the top, has always developed independently. Whether it is market changes or product design, it has its own style, but it is different now. In terms of price, it is gradually following the trend of the market, but it is not a bad thing for consumers. After all, the price of the product is not rising, but falling, so the impact is different. However, it is not calm for Android phones. After all, at the same price, there will be more people who choose Apple products.

This time, Apple finally made a move. From July 29 to August 1, the prices of various Apple products dropped, with a minimum price of Rs 2000 and a maximum of Rs 5000. At the same time, the official said that the price reduction was not for the purpose of clearing the warehouse, but mainly to increase the shipment volume. Further, it was the fierce market competition that caused the price reduction of some of Apple’s products. Apple also had such a price cut in 2014, but it disappeared after that, and now it is again. Is it really a simple price cut? 90% is not, and Apple’s price cut directly makes Android phones uneasy. Apple’s global smartphone shipments were originally No. 2. Now the price cut, the high-end phone market in August has been set, and the shipments are basically It’s Apple’s.

The products that Apple has cut prices on this time are mainly AirPods (third generation), AirPods Pro, Apple Watch SE, iPhone 12/mini, iPhone SE (third generation), and iPhone 13 series, and the prices of different products are also different, basically the highest price drop. Since the price drop, it can be seen from the shipments on the e-commerce platform that it has been rising rapidly, which means that there are still more consumers who choose Apple products due to the price reduction.

The most popular is the iPhone 13 series. Although it has been less than 2 months since the release of the iPhone 14 series, many consumers still choose the iPhone 13 series, so no netizens say that Apple is to clear the library. It is not necessary to clear the iPhone 13 series, but it may be necessary to clear the iPhone 12 series, after all, the new phones are updated so quickly now. So, is it necessary and unnecessary to make way for the iPhone 14 series, because Apple has never done such an operation? The second-generation models are different in terms of configuration and performance, so the market is different. Apple’s price cut this time still has a certain impact on high-end Android phones, especially new phones in July, and most of the new phones in July are high-end phones, mainly equipped with Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chips. The new phone in August also had an impact, but it didn’t have much impact. Some of the new phones were folding screen phones, so they were basically unaffected.

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