Is it good to buy refurbished iPhone? Disadvantages of refurbished iPhones


It is recommended not to buy a second-hand iPhone. First of all, as the subject said, there is no way to identify the true and false. Many small mobile phone workshops are already very capable of counterfeiting. If a high imitation iPhone 6 is not turned on, I am afraid that even Apple CEO Tim Cook will not be able to tell the truth from the fake.

Now the iPhone 7 has just come out, so most of the used ones are iPhone 6s. At present, many second-hand iPhone 6s on the market are modified with iPhone 6 magic. Because the iPhone 6 is almost the same size as the iPhone 6s, the only difference is the casing. Some black shops just bought the fake iPhone 6s case, replaced it with the iPhone 6, and then wrote a fake IMEI code.

To be more shady, put the iPhone 5s or even the iPhone 5 motherboard directly on the iPhone 6s case, then replace it with a larger garbage screen, and sell it to you as a second-hand iPhone 6s. Originally, these old 5s can only be bought for a hundred yuan, but if they are transformed into 6s shells, they will sell you thousands of yuan. Such a high profit is enough to make many black-hearted merchants take risks and deceive one if they can deceive one. In addition, some second-hand mobile phone market management is not standardized, even if you find that the mobile phone is fake after buying it, there is no way to get back the claim.

The most pitiful are some “high imitation” iPhones. These phones are fake from the inside out, but because they use the Android system skin that is very similar to iOS, laymen can’t tell the difference at all. Moreover, the price of such second-hand “iPhone” is very cheap, usually more than 1,000 yuan can be won, and some people are deceived because of cheapness.

In addition, many netizens like to trade mobile phones on second-hand online platforms. In fact, these second-hand platforms are very deep, and they may be deceived if they are not careful. Although hot second-hand platforms all claim to protect the interests of buyers, it is actually very troublesome to buy fake mobile phones and return them smoothly.

Also, even if you buy a real iPhone, there may be some dark injuries, such as the screen, earphones, and chargers are not original, and the battery wears too much. If there is a problem and you have to repair it yourself, it will cost a lot of money to repair it. All in all, the second-hand iPhone market is too deep, and people who are not particularly knowledgeable suggest not to buy second-hand iPhones. If you must buy it, you can’t be cheap, and you can’t sell second-hand prices that are too low. Too cheap is a real machine, and the quality will be very poor.

When buying a used iPhone, it’s best to deal with an individual buyer in person. When trading, carry a MacBook or a laptop with iTunes installed, and check whether the IMEI, memory and other information are correct after connecting it. If the iPhone you got is not the latest system, it is best to insert a calling card that can access the Internet to see if you can successfully receive the latest iOS system push notification. When trading, it is best to bring a few more friends and classmates, so that even if you encounter a liar, you can escape smoothly.

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