Softbank founder Masayoshi Son is in debt of USD 160 billion

Recently, Japan’s Softbank Group has a debt of 160 billion U.S. dollars on a hot search. The founder of Softbank Masayoshi Son opens his eyes every day, which is a huge interest of 300 million. Many entrepreneurs know Masayoshi Son because he once invested 21 million U.S. dollars in Alibaba’s Jack Ma, the income reached more than […]


What does the Data Scientist do with all the Data?

Why do we rarely make models? In your imagination, what an algorithm engineer might do is to read the paper today, implement the paper tomorrow, and use it the day after tomorrow. Then the company’s income will increase, and our salary and level will also increase. But in fact, most of the engineers in the

alibaba vs tencent

Who is the King of Internet? Alibaba vs Tencent

Tencent and Alibaba are the two largest Internet giants in China. Tencent focuses on social networking, entertainment, games, and other fields, while Alibaba focuses on e-commerce, payment, and express delivery. There is no doubt that these two companies have achieved excellent results in their respective fields in the past ten years of development. Who is

What is the future of Alibaba?

When Ma Yun proposed that there is no difficult business in the world, many people in Chinese society have not played computers. This is an uncultivated new field. With the support of capital, Alibaba has embarked on the journey of bringing physical stores to the Internet. Some people said they copied Amazon, and some said


The US Government sued Facebook for monopoly

On December 9, local time, 46 US states and the federal government jointly launched two lawsuits against the social media giant Facebook, accusing it of abusing its dominant position in the digital market and engaging in anti-competitive behavior. According to a CNN report that day, the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is seeking a permanent

Best Video Editing App for Android and iOS Smartphones

I am a video editor and a travel expert. In addition to taking pictures, I also like to use my mobile phone to record the incredible scenery along the way. Since I am a loyal Android user, it is very annoying to make videos like Apple’s “iMovie” on my phone. How painful it is to


DoorDash became the largest food delivery company in United States

On the evening of December 9, the American food delivery service provider DoorDash officially landed on the New York Stock Exchange, and the market value of the first day of listing skyrocketed by more than 78%. In fact, since its inception in 2013, the capital has been optimistic about DoorDash. In the past seven years,


Does the iPhone XR have a strong & long-lasting Battery?

According to my personal experience, the battery life of the iPhone XR is medium in Apple phones but weak in Android! Switching from 8 to XR, I feel that the battery life is much better than that of 8. IPhone 11, 11Pro, and ProMAX have not been used, but according to the official data, the


Best Music streaming app for Android: Google Play Music

 Google Play Music is the official Google application where you can listen to millions of music directly from your Android smartphone phones, through streaming, and without storing music in the device’s memory. The app works online and stores all the music in the cloud.  The app allows users to listen to an entire music collection

elon musk

Elon mask became the second richest man in the world

 A few months after Bernard Arnault, president of fashion giant LVMH, became the world’s richest man for a short time, this list ushered in a huge change! In addition to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, who is firmly ranked as the world’s richest man, in November 2020, Tesla founder Elon Musk defeated Microsoft founder Bill Gates

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