Elon mask became the second richest man in the world

 A few months after Bernard Arnault, president of fashion giant LVMH, became the world’s richest man for a short time, this list ushered in a huge change! In addition to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, who is firmly ranked as the world’s richest man, in November 2020, Tesla founder Elon Musk defeated Microsoft founder Bill Gates […]

No copyright intro without text download – YouTube Intro free download

You are seeing this page because you have clicked on the download button on the previous page. If you want to download go at bottom of this page. Suggestion: Tips on how to promote your YouTube channel: 1. Choose Google-friendly keywords: A great YouTube channel starts with great SEO. And great SEO starts with understanding what

Microsoft underwater server vs Huawei’s under mountain server, who is better?

Both Microsoft and Huawei are the world’s top technology companies. Microsoft is a long-established PC software provider. In recent years, it has made drastic business rectifications and focused on cloud services. Huawei is one of the proudest national enterprises in China. In just three decades, Huawei has achieved the No. 1 position in the world’s

How to charge your smartphone safely so that it can last long?

The basic composition of a mobile phone battery: First of all, let’s take a look at the composition of mobile phone batteries. The composition of mobile phone batteries can be divided into two parts. The first part is the battery cell. Now, most mobile phones use lithium polymer batteries, which are similar to lithium polymer

What is cloud and where it is present?

Nowadays, cloud computing is already one of the “hot words” in the field of emerging technologies and services, and a new storage model-cloud storage has been extended from the concept and practice of cloud computing. Cloud storage is entering our lives through various application services, gradually changing our perception of traditional storage methods, and constantly

How Microsoft make a comeback in 2015

 Microsoft is a super company that everyone is familiar with. Today it is also very good. The recent market value remains at US$1.64 trillion, far surpassing China’s Tencent and Ali, and much higher than Google’s parent company Alphabet’s market value of US$1.2 trillion. But in fact, what many people don’t understand is that Microsoft reached

Is Amazon the same as Alibaba – Different Between Amazon.com and Alibaba.com

The business model of Amazon and Alibaba: The e-commerce market continues to grow and develop, as more consumers tend to buy goods online. Many large and small companies have accepted the advantages of combining physical stores and Internet-based supplementary stores to meet the needs of most consumers. However, some e-commerce giants, such as Amazon (AMZN)

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