(2023 Update) Free video editing software for PC without watermark

Editing a video is not an easy task as it requires proper training and skills. Finding a good & free video editing software for pc without watermark is difficult to find. Some video editing software claims to be free but after you export the edited video they add a watermark to the video which is […]

How is the Business Card Scanners Best for Brands?

The free online OCR is one of the most exciting conversions. You can use the free online OCR, to enhance your business productivity. The main reason behind you needs a fast conversion of the data. The Business card scanner would readily change the information of the clients and the customers into a database. The JPG-to-text

Best 3D urban planning & designing software

Urban planning and architecture demand in-depth knowledge of cities and their infrastructures to effectively plan & design cities, urban planners require up-to-date mapping tools. In this article, we have covered the best urban planning software tools every urban planner must know and can use for urban mapping and city design needs. 3D Cityplanner The 3D

The Top Advanced Math Tools That Help in Education

Mathematics is one of the key subjects for students to understand, it is the mother of all subjects. You can convert any conversion by online tools and apps and can learn subjects like Mathematics, this is quite great news for students and learners. For example, if you are dealing with a right-angle triangle then an


What is the difference between Database and Data Warehouse and Data lake?

In this article, we would discuss the differences between Data Warehouse vs Data Lake vs Database. We would also conclude its characteristic and their pros and cons. What is Data Warehouse? A data warehouse is a single data store established for the purpose of supporting analytical reporting, decision-making, etc. It can provide various types of

how to change webp file format to png file

How to Convert WebP to PNG Without Any Hassle? (2023)

No doubt that more and more websites are using WebP images because they come in higher quality but with smaller sizes. They are trendy image formats around the web as it is created by Google. On the other hand, PNG is still indicated as one of the dominant image formats around the internet due to

How to Improve the Productivity of Manufacturing Units? (2023)

A manufacturing unit’s productivity refers to the ratio of input and output. It defines how much a manufacturing company has produced at a given input and within a time limit. This input includes various factors like resources, raw materials, labor hours, and natural resources. Several factors are involved in improving the productivity of a manufacturing

web hosting for small business

Best web hosting providers for small business (2023)

Web hosting services are the computerized approach to hosting digital services online through websites. Web hosting services are provided by web hosting companies which provide the services by giving them a certain amount of space in their server, on which they upload their images and individual files which can be accessed through the internet with

What is the Dark web & why is it so scary?

Do you know what the real dark web looks like? The depth of the Internet is far beyond your imagination. The information we can browse now only accounts for 4% of the information, and the remaining 96% belongs to the extremely private deep web. There is a part of the deep web in the deep

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