What is the Dark web & why is it so scary?


Do you know what the real dark web looks like? The depth of the Internet is far beyond your imagination. The information we can browse now only accounts for 4% of the information, and the remaining 96% belongs to the extremely private deep web. There is a part of the deep web in the deep web, there exists the legendary dark web. This article aims to bring awareness to users who are thinking of visiting the dark web.

In the dark web, the user’s request will randomly jump three times under the global host network before reaching the server. So it is difficult to find the specific location of the user. Of course, the dark web is impossible to find through search engines such as Google. If you want to enter this darkroom, you need a special “passport”. Once you enter this hidden place. You will no longer be you, and your identity, appearance, position, and moral bottom line will all be condensed into an anonymous person.

dark web

In other words, if someone breaks in while you’re in the shower, and you only have a small handkerchief by your side, where do you hide it? The answer is to cover your face. The same is true of the dark web, so the richness of the dark web is beyond your imagination. All kinds of sales information can be seen everywhere on the dark web. Many of them are hackers who are selling their hacking skills. For example, with $200 you can hack into other people’s private mailboxes, with $5 million you can discredit a person, etc. Of course, this kind of naked illegal behavior is the least worth mentioning on the dark web.

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Some people will openly sell counterfeit banknotes, guns, and even drugs in dark web shops. These are quite normal, what’s more, they sell sex slaves and kill quotas online. It can be seen that the dark web is a dirty market full of all illegal activities in society. Did you know that the dark web is like a ghost, even if we have never been in contact with it, we are under its influence. There is such a group of hackers called white hat hackers. Their daily job is to find faults for companies like Apple and Microsoft.

It sounds like a punch, but these companies have to pay them a lot of money because the vulnerabilities they find will cause more losses if they fall into the wrong hands. But not all hackers are so well-intentioned. There are many hackers, and they sell these vulnerabilities on the dark web at a price dozens or even hundreds of times higher than the company’s bonus. Hacking Team, an online arms dealer, was once hacked. It then discovered its numerous deals on the darknet to acquire exploits and cyber arms.

More importantly, the clients of Hacking Team also include many national government agencies. Although it sounds like it is to safeguard one’s national interests. But where it is used, no one knows. So with the development of science and technology, we have entered cyber warfare from physical warfare. In this large-scale war, no country can stand alone. As the most important arms resource, loopholes are actively reserved by every country and the dark web provides a sanctuary for these unspoken behaviors. It can be seen that the dark web is a paradise for loopholes, and it can be seen in any flow of resources.

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There are not only browsers and lawbreakers in the dark web, but also the police from various countries hidden in it. So we should still be qualified and good citizens, surfing the Internet scientifically is enough.

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