People need more storage for there smartphone 256 GB is not enough

Many people are now in a state of being on their mobile phones since they wake up. Setting an alarm clock, watching the time, chatting, working, playing games, and watching the news. Almost all the main features of personal needs in life can provide services well. I don’t know if you have noticed that many mobile phone manufacturers have begun to gradually increase the memory of their phones when they release their phones. What used to be 16GB and 32GB physical memory is now long gone. 256G mobile phone has become a benchmark: 64G is not enough for a long time, pay attention to buying a new mobile phone and choose memory

In fact, even 64GB mobile phones are quite uncomfortable to use. Even though 64GB of physical memory is still used by almost all mainstream mobile phone manufacturers in the world, from a practical point of view, I still do not recommend you to buy it. Because 64GB is really not enough. What you pay attention to with your mobile phone is: do whatever you want, be happy with me, carefree… In order to let consumers experience these pleasures, mobile phone manufacturers are improving their core computing capabilities, and software manufacturers are also optimizing and enriching themselves. The function of the service. But no matter how fast the algorithm and the application are, isn’t it a big discomfort if it can’t fit? In fact, a 64GB mobile phone has a relatively high probability of not being able to fit even in a medium-intensity use environment.

The current mobile phone application’s judgment for the internal storage space of the mobile phone is that one can never grab one-third of the land. In order to facilitate the use of users and the convenience of accessing related content, each application will spare no effort to use the cache to the fullest. If you don’t believe it, you can open the related search section of your mobile phone and take a look at how much physical memory the mobile apps you use often eat up. What you need to know is that sometimes APP eats up physical memory and cannot be directly described by the word “bad”. It is logically good if it is not too excessive. However, there are quite a few cases of doing bad things with good intentions in our daily life. The mobile phone can’t install these caches and causes problems when using it. This is the worst. But you have to know that the size of the cache used by the APP is ultimately limited, as long as the space of the phone is large enough, it will not cause a sensory impact on the user.