Should you buy Apple Airpods in 2022?


AirPods is indeed a Bluetooth headset with excellent experience. I used to think that an ordinary Bluetooth headset sells for about $70. The price of AirPods once again challenges ordinary consumers’ perception of the price of Bluetooth headsets, and the price is as high as 10X. Before I bought it, my attitude was always disdainful, but I couldn’t stop Apple’s excellent advertising bombardment (the advertisement was really good!), and finally I started with this legendary X-loading weapon! Let me share my experience!

Connected experience:

Many Bluetooth headset connections are automatically connected, but the connection is relatively slow; while AirPods require a long time to press the battery box button for the first connection, other subsequent connections do not need to hold down the battery box. Just open the battery box, take out the earphones and put them on, after that, there will be a “didong sound” in the earphones, indicating that the earphones are connected! The whole process is smooth, there is no disconnection and connection.

Data transmission:

Both AirPods have microphones at the bottom of both earphones, and it will automatically help you choose which microphone will get the best sound. In the process of voice reception and transmission back to the mobile phone, the data transmitted from the mobile phone to the headset is timely and stable, but there is a slight delay in the return, especially when WeChat sends voice, it has to wait about 1 second before recording can start. Harsh, because it is an apple, because it is as high as $700.

Battery life:

AirPods officially says that the earphones can be used continuously for about 5 hours, the battery box can charge the two earphones 4 times, and the earphones themselves can be stored once, so it is no problem to add two days of moderate use!

Wearing comfort:

The shape of AirPods is almost the same as the headphone head of Apple’s EarPods, and the wearing feeling is not much different, and the ear will not hurt after wearing it for a long time, and Apple has found the most perfect point in terms of wearing comfort and wearing tightness.

Device switching:

As long as AirPods have been connected to a device with an Apple ID, it will automatically identify the device logged in with the same ID. Although the connection of other devices is not so smooth except for the mobile phone, compared with ordinary headphones, this experience can be connected without pairing. It’s so much better!

Sound effect:

Bluetooth headset talks about the effect? The sound quality of AirPods and EarPods is not much different, and the sound quality performance in Bluetooth headsets is excellent, enough to use! The recording effect, although equipped with two microphones, the recording effect is still not ideal!


It is not groundless that AirPods have become Apple’s most popular product, but it has created the top Bluetooth machine experience at this stage. If you have a rigid need in this regard, then AirPods is definitely your first choice.

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