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Why Apple CEO Tim Cook said iOS is 47 times safer than Android?

Apple mobile phones have always advertised safety and smoothness, attracting fans with a closed iOS ecosystem. At the same time, they ridiculed the lack of security of the Android system and satirized that Android products are inferior to the iPhone in privacy protection. According to Phone Arena reports, Apple CEO Tim Cook recently participated in […]

Apple loses 1st place in the smartphone industry

When it comes to smartphones the first question that comes to people’s minds is whether Apple or Samsung is the best, I believe everyone is familiar with them. Now basically everyone has a mobile phone, and many people have two smartphones or even three smartphones. In recent years, the frequency of changing smartphones has decreased.

top 10 smartphones used by students

Get ready for the Top 8 Most Anticipated Smartphones of 2023

2023 is just getting started, but we’ve already seen several new smartphones released and coming soon from the likes of OnePlus, Xiaomi, and Samsung. While it’s difficult to predict exactly what’s going to happen in the smartphone industry in 2023, some guesses can be made, as the likes of Apple, Google, and Samsung have roughly


How many years Apple iPhone 12 can last?

A14 Bionic Chip Although from the press conference, the improvement of A14 is not big, according to the actual tests of some big guys, it seems that it has improved quite a lot, and wait for the results of more big guys. But no matter how much performance is improved, it will kill the audience anyway,

Apple iPhone price drop: Get the Apple smartphone for as low as Rs …

Apple is a well-known brand. As we all know, it is very difficult to reduce the price of Apple’s products. In the past, Apple has never participated in various domestic shopping festivals. I have to say that as the market does not change, the biggest brands also need to change due to market changes. In

Apple CEO Tim Cook has finally responded over privacy, App Store

According to foreign media Brut, Apple CEO Tim Cook gave a remote interview at the VivaTech Technology Conference in Paris. In the 30-minute “fireside conversation”, Cook discussed Apple’s importance of privacy and some plans. In December 2020, the European Commission, the European regulator, announced the drafts of the Digital Markets Act and the Digital Markets

Will iPhone continue to be popular in the future – Apple iPhone future

No pre-installed apps, no messy advertisements, and no pushes On any Android phone, you can always see some pre-installed applications when you open a new phone. These are the promotions of the APP and are for the mobile phone manufacturer’s money; when you open the new iPhone, the phone does not have any unofficial apps

What’s new in iOS 15 – iOS 15 latest features

Fans should all know that Apple’s one-week developer conference has ended. At the press conference, we learned a lot about the iOS 15 system upgrade. We tried the beta version and found the easter eggs of Apple’s new system, which supports cross-application dragging. File and image function. This easter egg did not appear at the

iOS 15 latest features and updates – How iOS 15 is different from iOS 14

Apple held the 2021 Global Developers Conference WWDC21, which brought the developer previews of iOS15, iPad OS15, macOS Monterey, and WatchOS 8, without any hardware release. There is no major change in the overall style of the iOS15 home screen icons. This time, iOS15 is just some functional enhancements. At present, the description file of

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