What is GPS? What is the function of GPS – Global Positioning System


Curious about what GPS means? It’s actually really easy it is the Global Positioning System. To put it bluntly, it is a positioning system that can know your current position, speed, etc. anytime, anywhere. While you might think it’s magical, the technology is now beyond your imagination. Satellites are like God watching you all the time. It doesn’t interfere with your life, but it always knows what you’re doing and where you are currently. Not only your current location GPS can track your car and even ship.

GPS is the global positioning system. Now many devices have GPS functions, so what is GPS? In fact, its full name is Global Positioning System, which originally originated from a project of the US military. Although the GPS in the United States is widely used now, some countries actually have their own GPS.

For example, Russia’s Global Positioning System (GLONASS), China’s Beidou Navigation System ( BDS ), Europe’s Galileo, etc., all can be called GPS, not the US Global Positioning System. However, all of them can provide information such as three-dimensional position and three-dimensional velocity to all parts of the world through artificial satellites around the clock.

GPS is mainly composed of three parts. The ground control part is composed of the main control station, ground antenna, monitoring station, and communication auxiliary system. The space segment consists of 24 satellites distributed in 6 orbital planes. The user equipment part is composed of a GPS receiver and a satellite antenna, and now the civilian positioning accuracy can reach within 10m.

How car GPS works?

Navigation function

If the driver selects the start and end points of the driving route on the vehicle’s GPS navigation system, the navigation system will provide you with the best driving route based on your current location and traffic conditions.

Electronic map

Covering information on major domestic cities and local roads, it can even display traffic conditions in destination cities at any time.

Go to the voice prompt function

If you encounter an intersection or turn ahead, the system will give a voice reminder in advance.

Global Positioning System

Positioning function

GPS can accurately locate its position by receiving satellite signals, and the error is within 10m.

Anti-theft function

There are two anti-theft functions: static anti-theft and dynamic tracking. Static anti-theft means that when you leave the car and the parked car is stolen, damaged, or moved, the car will send an alarm to the GPS monitoring center through its own monitoring system, and automatically contact the owner’s mobile phone, telephone alarm, etc. Dynamic tracking means that the stolen vehicle can be positioned and tracked while driving, the vehicle condition can be monitored, the track can be recorded, and even the vehicle’s power supply and oil circuit can be cut off.

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