Who is better Microsoft’s Underwater Server vs Huawei’s Mountain Server?

Both Microsoft and Huawei are the world’s top technology companies. Microsoft is a long-established PC software provider. In recent years, it has made drastic business rectifications and focused on cloud services. Huawei is one of the proudest national enterprises in China. In just three decades, Huawei has achieved the No. 1 position in the world’s […]

Oppo Reno 4 Pro: Best 5G flagship phone for photography

OPPO has always had deep attainments in the shooting. The main video shooting function since the Reno2 era has also been greatly improved on OPPOReno4Pro. It is equipped with the latest generation of video super anti-shake 3.0 technology, video super anti-shake + The combination of Video Super Anti-Shake Pro+Front Video Super Anti-Shake allows users to

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Top 10 features which will be coming in the Latest version of Android

After the launch of Apple iOS 14, it has become easier to manage App icons, plug-ins make the interface more convenient and familiar, notifications are no longer so annoying, the map App has improved, the new translation App is approachable, App Clips are worthy of praise, and users can finally choose the default Browser and

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Apple releases M1 chip to change the Apple revolution

 Affected by the epidemic, Apple’s autumn conference was divided into three bands. The last wave of “One More Thing” officially announced the Apple Silicon chip previously announced at WWDC 2020 and officially named it M1. The chip was developed by TSMC and is 5nm. The manufacturing process, 8 large + 4 small ARM architecture, not

There is no place to HIDE in the century of Big Data

Where does “personal privacy” go in the era of big data? With the advent of the information age, the popularization of data informatization has become a “double-edged sword” with both advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, big data use computer intelligence to process and analyze data, quickly disseminate and exchange information, and use its

Apple Mac finally switched to ARM, will it really boost the performance?

In the traditional concept, ARM is an architecture used for mobile platforms. Compared with desktop X86 chips, ARM chips are more energy efficient but have poor performance. This time, Apple’s MacBook switched to ARM, and macOS 11 is still compatible with software developed on X86 macOS in the past, which makes many friends confused-will the

Origin OS by Vivo is about to release soon – Update

 In recent years, the domestic mobile phone industry has developed very rapidly. Every mobile phone manufacturer uses its product line and targets a different consumer group. In addition to the most basic technical standards and hardware configuration, these have become Consumers who are more concerned about the user experience! It can be seen that most

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Overnight Apple loses $300 billion

 2020 will not be a good year for many multinational companies. Even Apple, a leading company in the global technology industry, is the same. Due to many factors, Apple is also facing serious realistic pressure this year. Its annual flagship mobile phone iPhone 12 is postponed. And the sale, even if it is finally released,

The tech giants of Silicon Valley congratulates Biden for wining the election

In the early morning of November 8, in the 2020 US general election, the Democratic presidential candidate Biden won the 270 electoral votes required for the election. On the same day, Biden delivered a speech to the United States as the newly elected president. In his speech, he mentioned his plan to deal with the

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