Best Web Hosting Providers of 2022 | Free & paid Web hosting

Best Web Hosting Providers of 2022. Truly, there are huge amounts of ways you can have a website for free as well as paid. From the top cloud monsters to neighborhood facilitating new businesses searching for approaches to scale their client base. Google cloud facilitating has a proposal of $300 free credit that lets you […]

Apple iPhone price drop: Get the Apple smartphone for as low as Rs …

Apple is a well-known brand. As we all know, it is very difficult to reduce the price of Apple’s products. In the past, Apple has never participated in various domestic shopping festivals. I have to say that as the market does not change, the biggest brands also need to change due to market changes. In

Is it good to buy refurbished iPhone? Disadvantages of refurbished iPhones

It is recommended not to buy a second-hand iPhone. First of all, as the subject said, there is no way to identify the true and false. Many small mobile phone workshops are already very capable of counterfeiting. If a high imitation iPhone 6 is not turned on, I am afraid that even Apple CEO Tim

telegram files not showing in file manager android 11

Telegram files not showing in file manager – How to find telegram downloaded files?

Telegram is a popular instant messaging service with millions of active users worldwide. It has more features than WhatsApp which is also an instant messaging service. Apart from the individual chats, Telegram groups and channels are also quite popular among their users. However, many users are not able to find Telegram files in their file

video editor app

Which smartphone company uses the most advance display screen?

Before answering this question, let’s review the screen situation used by each mobile phone. First of all, let’s not discuss the latest three new iPhones. Except for the iPhone X, which uses Samsung’s OLED screen, all iPhones use LCD screens. The main suppliers are LG, Sharp, JDI, etc. Therefore, when the parallel iPhone needs to

Should you buy Apple Airpods in 2022?

AirPods is indeed a Bluetooth headset with excellent experience. I used to think that an ordinary Bluetooth headset sells for about $70. The price of AirPods once again challenges ordinary consumers’ perception of the price of Bluetooth headsets, and the price is as high as 10X. Before I bought it, my attitude was always disdainful,

Best and lowest price Smart Watch – Smartwatch under Rs 1000

Zebronics FIT180CH Smart Watch (BEST) Zebronics Fit smartwatch comes with many features that are included in a Smartphone. This lowest smartwatch contains many useful apps it can be used as a fitness watch. Heart Rate Monitor Pedometer Color display Customizable Watch face Call, SMS, and third-party app message notification Wrist sense,12 Sports Mode IP68 WaterProof

Best antivirus for mobile free – Top 5 antivirus for android smartphone

In this article I will give you the top 5 best antiviruses for mobile free, but before that let discusses some terms. A computer virus is a malicious program that requires a hos and is designed to make a system sick just like a real virus. Viruses can spread from computer to computer and they

rpc to matic

How to switch Metamask RPC to Polygon | How to change RPC in Polygon

In this article, I will show you How to switch Metamask RPC to Matic network. Over the last few months, many of us is facing a common problem in Opensea while uploading NFTs via the Polygon network. When we are trying to List our NFT on Opensea it shows “Please Switch your wallet’s RPC to

name reaction for class 12 chemistry

All named reactions in organic chemistry class 12 pdf

All named reactions in organic chemistry class 12 pdf. In CBSE class 12 chemistry the most important topic is the organic part. In organic chemistry, the named reactions are the most important topic and it has been seen CBSE board asks almost 60% of the questions from the named reactions part. If you study the

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